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old rules

Postby seanetal » Mon Nov 04, 2002 3:37 am

Welcome to PsychForums.com!

The rules here are simple, this is an open forum and we would like to keep it that way.

Watch Your Language Please. We understand the use of certain words, but please do not go overboard or we will need to start censoring those words.
Be Sensible. Don't post more personal information that you are willing to share with a stranger.
Be Respectful of Others. Please do not post hateful or insulting comments.
No Inappropriate Advertisements or Links. Products or sites relating to the topic of discussion are acceptable, anything else will be removed and the user warned or possibly banned.
Do Not SPAM the Forums. Post your topic to the appropriate forum, if it fits in more than one topic then select the most appropriate one.

Remember these boards are for everyone… those with mental illness, their friends, family, caregivers, students and mental health professionals.

Moderators and Administrators have the authority to warn or ban users who violate these rules.
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Re: Zyprexa Urge to Kill?

Postby Tempest88 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:51 am

Zyprexa is poison. I have it again, the poison is in my blood... there is something in my head and it's killing me. They won't take it out, the zyprexa is a part of it :( I can taste the poison, bad bad taste in my mouth.

Anyone else feel the poison with zyprexa, or are my zyprexa pills different? Did it put something in your head?
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