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Being mean to people turns me on

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Being mean to people turns me on

Postby Contro » Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:50 am

I feel bad about that, but the urge to see people in or cause them to be in pain becomes overwhelming and I indulge in the sick behavior. I always end up feeling bad about it after, but then it's already too late and so the pattern goes on.

Just want to know if anyone here can relate.
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Re: Being mean to people turns me on

Postby Prairie gal » Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:37 am

No I can not, but thanks for being honest.
I'm quite the opposite. I can't even watch figure skating
because someone is likely to fall, and I feel SO bad for them.
I've never understood people who are purposely mean.
Is it that they were abused? Their brain wiring has gone haywire
or what?
Prairie gal
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