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On deciding to die

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Re: On deciding to die

Postby Melito » Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:20 am

I sometimes wonder, with all these lack of advice on how to actually live a meaningful life, people speaking against suicide often times seem in favor of people suffering. They only show up after the person decides to off themselves, their example of someone lower than themselves might no longer exist, therefore they feel incomplete.

That's not to say that I'm for people committing suicide, nor that I feel it is the answer. I just don't think that the responses are really all that helpful for someone in his shoes. Do you really care whether he lives or dies? Or do you, rather, do what is standard?

That being said, he broke the law and he pays the price. Don't look at CP. Don't exploit children. It's wrong. I think he should remain alive and try to rebuild his life. He may have been a victim as a child, but certainly not one as an adult offender.

I may not be a pedophile, but I know what its like to be in the criminal justice system, and what its like to be stigmatized and outcast for ones own actions. Truth be told its hard, but Cumulus, you can rise above this and rebuild your life. What you need is to refocus your priorities and get serious about doing things differently. You made your mistake and now you have a challenge before you.

Why end your life? Was your life really better before this? If so, why? What's really changed? You've lost freedom, it sucks. Though certainly you can overcome this, and do better this time around.
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