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Is this PPD or something else?

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Is this PPD or something else?

Postby ppdsister » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:47 am

Background: My older brother has been diagnosed with PPD. He is on medication. (anti psychotic and anti anxiety)
He can't work and is receiving disability government income, which is not very much. We (2 sisters and mom) also give him $300 cash every month to supplement. We try to keep it under the table for his sake, although we know that he is allowed to receive up to $500 a month without it affecting his disability income.
He doesn't like or trust us so one of us takes turns and gives him the money in cash once a year. He is polite and thanks us but then we don't hear from him until when he runs out of money. (although sometimes he will send us an email just to touch base, but never wants to see us)
Things changed this year, and there was a break in at his place. The cash did NOT get stolen thankfully but it put enough fear into us that we decided that we need to figure out a different way to give the money to him. (because we can't afford to replace it and he would expect that we would)
I emailed him about it to ask for his input and he EXPLODED in anger toward me, he has sent me 188 emails (so far) within the week and I was accused of
-wanting to torture him
-wanting him to be homeless
-laughing at him while he suffered
-ignoring his emails (when I wasn't able to answer all 188)
-trying to get him arrested

This is all very upsetting for me. I was just the messenger but it seems that I am the one he is blaming. I have explained the reason we don't want to give him CASH, but still want to give him extra money, over and over again. He always asks the same questions, and it's like he doens't even hear what I'm saying. He says he is panicking and suicidal.

He has also started emailing our male relatives, (uncles, cousins) to tell them how we are abusing him etc.

I don't know how it got so bad so fast and this was not expected. I'm wondering if there might be something else going on, or is this solely to do with ppd?

It feels like he's almost throwing a temper tantrum in order to get his way, but from what I'v read about PPD, this doesn't seem like a PPD symptom? I would appreciate any insight. This is tearing my family apart. thanks
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