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Debilitating fear of falling in the shower

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Debilitating fear of falling in the shower

Postby IntellectualCat » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:58 pm

Recently, I have been having panic attacks often. I started when some workers started renovating my family's kitchen and pipes, which caused me a lot of stress. Additionally, they replaced my shower head and faucet, and I simply don't adjust to change well. One day, I got in the shower and started having a panic attack, which made me so dizzy I felt like I was going to fall and immediately ran out hyperventilating. Now I have panic attacks not just when I plan to get into the shower but also out of the blue. I am afraid I will fall and get a concussion in the shower, and I often overreact to bodily sensations and think I am dying the other times I have panic attacks. It has become very difficult to take care of my hygiene as a result, and I have such a difficult time preventing panic attacks when I feel them coming on even though I have a therapist who is helping me with anxiety. I don't know where to even start when coping with this.
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