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What I learned from insomnia and my panic attack

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What I learned from insomnia and my panic attack

Postby AnxietyAsTeacher » Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:32 pm

I'm experiencing insomnia and that has lead to feelings of vulnerability, fear and terror at times. This has been one of the most beneficial experiences I've had in a while. I'm face to face with raw emotions that have been buried for so long. I'm journaling like crazy and learning so much from this. For anyone else who has gone through something similar how did you use the experience to gain insight?

To go into a bit of what I've done to learn from this fear here's my experience with a panic attack several days ago. I journaled in detail during my panic attack. I could see the fear come out in frantic bold uppercase letters in my journal. I now have a record of my thoughts jumping back and forth not being able to stop on any one thing. And I have a record of the panic attack subsiding and turning  to calm. I realized that when anxiety strikes it's counterproductive to think about the big plans for my life. I have to take care of the fear before the bigger plans will fit together and make sense. I realized that I need to focus on what's happening in the now before I can make sense of my future. I also realized the panic attack was fairly short lived. The fear was big but the duration was short. I made it through. Comments welcome.
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Re: What I learned from insomnia and my panic attack

Postby ColouredLeaves » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:02 am

Good for you for using curiosity to help you. I'm going to try to learn from you!
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