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wellbutrin & lexapro?

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wellbutrin & lexapro?

Postby geminai » Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:35 pm

will taking wellbutrin for my panic disorder make my odc, panic attacks & anxiety worse? ive gained so much weight with lexapro (only 5mg for the past 6 months.. i would have went to the full 10 mg but the weight gain was too much) and my doctor thinks maybe i should start wellbutrin to help with the weight gain. i have read that wellbutrin is not good for anxiety and i remember when i took it as a 16 year old (back in 1999) it made me very moody and well... mean. however i didnt take my medications correctly back then and also mixed them with large amounts of alcohol and smoking marijuana, so maybe that was why it didn't work well for me back then. i really want to lose weight but im afraid the wellbutrin will cause me to have more panic attacks. advice?

also, lexapro seems to make me tired and sleep all the time. i feel geuinely depressed. no energy. it used to help with the anxiety but i am not so sure anymore. maybe its the winter? winter really gets me down every year as well.
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