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Severe attacks with bleeding into airway

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Severe attacks with bleeding into airway

Postby garymrabe » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:19 am

For the past two years I have been having severe panic attacks sometimes every night but they only come shortly after I fall asleep. Here are my symptoms...Rapid and strong heart rate. Ringing in my ears. Disorientation. Shaking. Wobbly feet not underneath me. Feel disconnected with myself. Terrified that im going to die. Suffocation where I am barely getting oxygen no matter how deep a breath. The worst symptom is when the panic attacks get so bad and I start freaking out cause I cant stop it I start getting an under the skin heated feeling in my chest and head then I start getting a rattle or gurgle each breath I take and it gets worse blocking my airway. At first when I cough it up it is clear foamy like mucus but as it progresses it gets harder to breath cause of the mucus when starts to turn pinkish. It takes me hours to get back to normal breathing then usually the next morning my chest is sore and I start coughing up pure blood as it comes from my chest. I cough it up a day to 2 days tops after an attack. Been to hospital, doctor, pulmonary specialist and so on. No clear answer. I have Mitral valve prolapse with its walls and my aoertic valve walls thickened. Also I have a 58 degree curve scoliosis which started progressing again after 30 years of staying the same. I have left lung scarring and granuloma from my spine pushing into my lung. I don't bleed every attack only the bad attacks where I cant control it. Told all the doctors about the bleeding and got testing done and still no definitive answer.
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