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I had worse panic attack today

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I had worse panic attack today

Postby hansbraun » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:47 pm

So I think my panic attack is connected with my movement + stress from before. I was running, and I started to think just about random moment from the past, It was stressful moment but I don't experience nothing about it now.. But then I started to think what if I am not in control of my body anymore, and I will jump in the river or I want to go at to start fight some guy on the street and I will finish in jail because I will be aggressive or mby I will finish in mental hospital.. I started to to shake, my heart wanted to explode. And from then, now when I move my heart is beating really fast and I am afraid to get panic attack again.

Is there some meditation to shut me down, because I can not leave with myself like this.
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