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Postby tryingtobepostive » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:56 am

where do i even begin? for these last 3 years after a bad weed edible trip I have been feeling suicial and panicky EVERY DAY. PLEASE I AM CONVINCED I AM SLIPPING INTO PHYSCOSIS OR SCHIZOPHRENIA! every night i have racing thoughts ( a sign of schizophrenia) with the most random chatter (like when its really bad its just music replaying in my head and images of me in a mental hospital with a big shiny white light and doctors trying to sedate me) , and i also overthink so much that I can't even verbalize what I am thinking (like very abstract concepts) Like it can start with me observing a chair, and end with me trying to discover the meaning of life. I also have these weird random deep thoughts all the time. LIKE THEY ARE SO WIERD AND UNRELATED I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN THEM. (Like what if that slice of cheese had feelings? or some physcotic sounding #######4 like that) I GET SCARED OF BEING ALIVE AND KNWING I HAVE HANDS. I AM JUST CELLS IN AN UNFORGIVING BALL OF ENERGY WITH A EVIL GOD WHO RUNS THE UNIVERSE. I can't stop my thoughts. They're so unrelated and they bump into each other like cars in a traffic accident. i am terrified i am the only one experiencing this and no one knows what I'm going through, what if I'm the only person who thinks like i do? PLUS I AM ALWAYS SPACED OUT IN MY IMAGINATION. I AM SO IMAGINATIVE I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE THE DREAMS AND PLACES I THINK. HALF THE TIME I FORGET WHERE I AM OR WHAT IM DOING BECAUSE IM VIZUALIZING $#%^. MY IMAGES IN MY HEAD ARE MADE OF SO MANY COLORS AND THEY HAVE THIS CERTAIN FEELING TO THEM I CANT CONVEY. I'm so scared I'm physcotic and a crazy person. IM SCARED NO ONE ELSE THINKS LIKE I DO? HOW CAN I BE SURE IM NORMAL!?? If i become schizophrenic please just kill me. omg. will my constant thinking lead to physcosis? I can't even ######6 sleep at night. I feel so depressed and a waste of space for having all these issues. I also get uncontrollable rage at times and i feel so hopeless. I know I'm ######6 crazy. Im going to get physcosis. please god shoot me now. I'm so scared I'm going to commit suicide even though I don't want to. why me?!!! :cry: :( :( :oops: I HAVE NO FEELINGS LEFT. I FEEL THE NEED TO WRITE OUT ALL MY SYMPTOMS SO I CAN BE SURE IM NOT PHYSCOTIC. AM I EVEN MAKING SENSE RIGHT NOW? WHAT IF IM PARANOID? WHAT IF IM AN EXPERIMENT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS OBSERVING ME? I SOUND CRAZY? SEE THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!! WTF?!! And now all of a sudden I'm thinking about drake and josh something totally non related ( a sign of schizophrenia). see how my thoughts change so fast and are not related. will my overthinking lead to physcosis?? PLEASE HELP.
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Postby Snaga » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:32 pm

It's been several months, how are you feeling now?

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