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Panic attack triggered by diesel fumes?

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Panic attack triggered by diesel fumes?

Postby Maya01 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:16 am

I dont know if this sounds weird to some people, but i have have 5 or 6 anxiety/panic attacks in the last 10 years and all of them have triggered by an specific situation: to make a decision which i consider at the time to be important. Anyway, the only episode which happened out of the blue i was traveling and relaxing with a friend, i really did not have anything that worried me on my mind or anything at the time, but i had a panic attack and probably the worst one because i felt like choking, and the cause that i feel it triggered it was the smeeling of diesel fumes. Here is what happened:
That day i was with a friend traveling and we were outside actually in a turistic location having a good time and there were a bunch of large turistic buses on the road with engines on waiting for tourists to board, so i felt the diesel smell was very very strong really. Immediatly after that, me and my friend left the place (in my friend's car) and a couple of minutes later i felt like i could not breath, like if not enough air got though my throat. It was really scary, my friend got my to an emergency immediatly and they told me that i did not have anything, that i was "nervous". And in fact, the other episodes that i have had of anxiety/panic i have NEVER felt like choking, thanksfully.
Anyway, i did some reading abot this to understand why i got such panic attack if i was relaxed traveling with nothing really on my mind, and i found an article that say that some research have shown that diesel or gasolines fumes could trigger panic attack symptoms in people with some predisposition to such attacks.

Anybody in this forum can relate to this, or have got any similar experience?
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