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Ways to get better?

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Ways to get better?

Postby pixiekate » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:21 pm

I'm interested to know people's ideas/experiences on how to get better and reduce the frequency of panic attacks - not just how to deal with them as they come, but if anyone's found anything to be helpful in reducing or even stopping them in the longer term?

I'm getting better at dealing with them but it's still utterly horrible and I would like to get to a stage when I didn't have them at all, or only rarely. When things are bad for me I will have them constantly for days on end and I'm pretty much at the end of my tether with it.

So anything even just something small I'd be really interested to hear!
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Re: Ways to get better?

Postby ProBMG » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:17 pm

I have very bad Panic Disorder problems and go to counseling they told me the best thing to do is to take deep breaths, (In through your noses for 4-5 seconds, then out through your mouth). It works relatively well when I get into a panic attack.

For the long term, finding things that distract your self work the best, like stress free hobbies. ;)
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Re: Ways to get better?

Postby Maya01 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:45 am

I guess is a difficult question and it probably dependsa lot case by case since i have read so many diiferent testimonials of people, so panic disorders seem to manifest differently in different people and it may be caused by different root causes.
Any way, i guess one has to understand what is the root cause of the panic triggers. In my case i have identified that making decisions and changes cause me stress and may trigger an episode for me. So, i guess that probably my fear (at least at subconscious level) may probably be fear of failure, fear of making the bad choice. So I have tried to be lest rigid in my way of thinking, try to repeat to myself that choices in life are not black or white, and even if i happen to make a bad choice is not the end of the world, there can always be a third or four choice. For instance if i made a bad decision changing jobs, well, there are many other jobs out there. Perfectionism and being too hard on oneself does not help with panic disorders so i think one has to work on being more flexible and not thinking in such a rigid way.
I watched a video the other day that gave a very good advice i think. The guy said that panic attacks are primitive responses of the brain to a perceived threat that trigger a fight or fly response of the brain, a primitive reaction of our brain to help us protect ourself of new situation unkown to us that may be threatening; in other words, new situation can cause fear, because your brain perceive is new or unkown, so in order to avoid that you should train your brain to expose to new situations on a daily bases. It can be very basic things to force yourself get out of your conformt zone daily, in very little things. May be you are shy for example, and then you try to speak to a stranger, changing routes to work, going in a different road, for example, try a new sport that you may be interested but you thought you could not do, for instance, scuba diving to give an example.
Other good advice is to try to avoid at all cost the negative self talk, but I do not mean during the actual attack but on a daily basis even when you feel well, because i think when one keeps overanalyzing problems orthinking constantly about worries or problems i guess ones overload our brain with stress and that may be a trigger.
And doing a sport such as running cycling swimming is really good too. I actually used to run marathons and i felt terrific during those times, i have to retake that habit. I hope this helps!
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