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doctors never listened

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doctors never listened

Postby Anyme » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:38 pm

Hi, I'm new to this subbie. Here's my physical history.

They always told me I was too young to experience the problems I had. Lol. Okay.i went for a few years with my pains and problems only to lose all hope. So I stopped trying. Years later I still have the same issues and they keep popping up.

I probably have some type of hypermobility, my joints pop and twist often. Just from walking around. Things dislocate fairly easy but I can pop them back just as easy. Not too double jointed. There's quite a bit of general joint pain and muscle pain. Small bruises everywhere all the time. My thighs become so sensitive a scratch is excruciating.

Possible gluten allergy (mild), severe bleeding (monthly female bleedies) which could actually be related to the joints because of weak bodily tissues, or so I've heard. And a seemingly random yet genetic blood pressure drop thing. They don't know what it is but it'll suddenly drop causing me to lose my vision, hearing, it causes numbness and I can collapse. If I were to collapse next would be spasms.

My body is almost as big of a mess as my life. Lol
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