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Pure c?

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Pure c?

Postby Eliseahorse » Wed Mar 15, 2023 8:07 am

Hi so I've seen a lot of talk about pure o ocd but is it possible to have pure c?

My other half has ocd (diagnosed) its been a long time since they have voice any obsessions and they are generally prity good about letting me know if they are struggling with thoughts (we don't discuss what the thoughts are unless they want to, they just tell me their head is "noisy" so I'm on standby to comfort if/when they need it)

Thing is I've noticed an increase in compulsive behaviour; hording, repetitive movement, vocalisation.

From what I have understood compulsive behaviors are used to ward off intrusive thoughts. If there have been no intrusive thoughts in a while could the compulsive behaviors themselves become an obsession (i have to do these or the bad thoughts come back sort of thing)

Would this endless cycle of compulsive behaviors for the sake of performing compulsive behaviors be classed as pure c ocd?
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