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I have OCD and I fear I harmed a child

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I have OCD and I fear I harmed a child

Postby Emmeleia98 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:26 am

Hi. I suffer from severe OCD. I’m on meds and I’m in list for a therapy. I have a strange compulsion. I lick my lips sexually and slowly, like I’m seducing someone. In order to see how this could be seen by others, I did this looking in glasses of parked cars. Now I’m afraid. What If there was a child in it? What if he/she saw me? I think he/she could feel scared, especially if he/she was 11-12 years and can understand sex. The possibility of hurting a minor is a nightmare for me. What do you think?
P.s. I’m trying to not doing this compulsion now.
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Re: I have OCD and I fear I harmed a child

Postby Snaga » Wed Nov 23, 2022 7:21 pm

Well, considering if you ever did it at a minor, it's completely inadvertent, don't you think in modern society, kids have seen more than that on their tablets and cell phones? I'm in my fifties, and sometimes even I have to look up sex stuff I hear kids talking about to see what it is.

Licking your lips? I think this is anxiety talking. Try not to worry about it, just like you said, be mindful of who might see you- after all, you wouldn't want someone that you wouldn't enjoy getting advances from, to get the wrong ideas about you.
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