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Postby Never2Old » Wed May 11, 2022 5:52 pm

Greetings. This is my first time visiting, and first posting on this forum. My son has been diagnosed with Autism, and is struggling with treatment resistant OCD. He has ADHD and ODD as well. He definitely has a hard time dealing with uncertainty, and his OCD mostly presents itself as the need to verify what he has been told or what he understands... is correct. He just turned 18 and will be graduating from high school in a few days. We are not sure what comes next. We would like to see him in a technical college some day, but I know his anxiety and intrusive thoughts really got in the way of his concentration in school. His mother and I are having a tough time doing what we can to help him, and feel like we are often enabling him by answering repeated questions. We are hoping to find some support, resources, ideas, etc.
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