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An actual erection to HOCD

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An actual erection to HOCD

Postby ThisGuy104 » Tue Mar 08, 2022 11:38 pm

Yeah I lost, this happened 3 weeks ago now and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I stumbled on a hentai Instagram page and there was an image of Whis from Dragon Ball, he didn’t have a penis but he was drawn even more feminine than he actually is, I also have a thing for big butts and they gave him one, it was a weird page it like 5 different images of Whis doing sexual $#%^ and I’ve never been attracted to Whis, he looked feminine but knowing he was a guy made me not attracted to him but these images confused me and here’s what happened, when I first saw the images I didn’t feel anything, I just said “wtf” out loud and then like a day later I checked the image, I felt a stronger reaction and I started getting worried, the day after that I looked at the account again and this time something weird happened.

I looked at the image again and felt a groinal response, I touched my penis to check and nothing happened, stupidly and through an unfortunate sequence of events I looked the image again and when I looked underneath my blanket I had small movement, I freaked out and in an attempt to calm myself down I said “erection can happen just from touching your penis, this movement probably happened because you touched it earlier to check” so I tested that theory and touched my penis again, let go and checked the image and it made it so much worse that this time I got a full blown erection, I wish I had just settled with the small movement but I got greedy and this was the result. The erection itself felt weird there was no lust in it but still it was an erection nonetheless, something I never thought would happen to me and I’ve been fighting with the will to live ever since
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