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Checking went so so wrong, I need help

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Checking went so so wrong, I need help

Postby ThisGuy104 » Sun Feb 06, 2022 2:12 pm

I’m going to get graphic but first I need to say while a lot of people don’t take erections that seriously here, I do. So I checked today for like an hour today by looking up things on the internet specifically hentai $#%^, the test went ok except one thing happened that I can’t stop thinking about. So I was on Google images, there were 4 images in one row, 3 straight and one gay, I focused on the gay one but I also felt aroused by the straight one but I didn’t look at it for long because I wasn’t testing myself to it but after all that I looked under my sheets and my penis grew and I’m freaking out because I have no idea why my penis grew and I can’t shake the feeling that it was because of the gay image but at the same time it could have been the 3 straight things, it could also be the case that my penis was already that size the whole time because I never actually felt it growing, maybe it was just doing weird penis $#%^ but I can’t tell, I can’t rest my head knowing the gay image could have caused it. I have no idea
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Re: Checking went so so wrong, I need help

Postby ohmygoodness1102 » Thu May 19, 2022 8:06 pm

Hiii! I suffer from POCD, so I understand this sort of dilemma.

Thoughts can get confusing, and often send us into a spiral of them.

First things first, I know it's hard, but try and take a step back from the whole entire situation before analyzing what happened! Take a couple deep breaths, do something you enjoy, and think about it later. It's OKAY to enjoy things!

Now that you've done this, even for a moment, it's time to tackle the task:
You believe you were aroused due to the image of gay erotica.

The first thing you SHOULDN'T do is try and come up with a logical explanation. Explanation leads to avoidance, and we don't want to avoid!
Feel the anxiety it brings you, and realize that you are a human who is incapable of choosing their sexuality.

I will tell you, from an outside perspective and what I have learned...
things that are inherently sexual will arouse you, no matter what sexuality you are. Sometimes, gay erotica arouses me because it reminds me of how much I like straight erotica.
Anxiety may lead to heightened arousal.

next, STOP CHECKING! It's so hard, but it's a literal lifesaver and will keep you from HOURS and HOURS of agony!!!
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