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I’m not sure if my issues with food are actually ocd

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I’m not sure if my issues with food are actually ocd

Postby katiejade » Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:49 am

Hi everyone,

I had a couple of questions and I wasn’t sure if what I am dealing with is ocd or not and I was hoping to get some advice so I can know whether to seek help.

Basically, I struggle with feeling like food is contaminated with mold, bugs, or germs.
- if I see mold on a certain food, I won’t be able to eat that specific food for years (right now it’s bagels, cauliflower, nuts, garlic).
- I saw bugs in my partner’s kitchen on some garlic and now I can’t cook in his kitchen because it feels dirty.
- I always have to know the expiry date of everything and the date/time food has been made before I can eat it.
- I often can’t drink or eat food if I leave the room from where it was because I feel it will have been contaminated while I was gone
- If I am drinking coffee in the morning and I go to get a second cup I can never entirely convince myself that the mug I used was actually the mug I was using so I have to get a new one otherwise I feel like the mug had old coffee that has gone bad and will make me sick.
- I often can’t finish the last bite or sip of something because it feels dirty.
- I have to check the cleanliness of dishes. When I was living on my own I felt my kitchen and all my dishes were contaminated (after I saw a bug in the kitchen) so I ended up only being able to use paper/plastic dishes and I had to mostly order food.

This causes quite a bit of strain on my relationships because other people don’t seem to understand that this isn’t a preference, but I just can’t do it.

1) can the severity of symptoms change sometimes?
There are some days when I feel much better and I can do things that would otherwise be impossible (like drinking from a cup when I’ve left the room).

2) I don’t think I really understand compulsions that well, has anything I said been comparable to them?

Thanks so much everyone
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