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Afraid that my ocd is denial because of my family

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Afraid that my ocd is denial because of my family

Postby OcdSuffer » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:51 pm

Hello, I have been having OCD with many themes such as harm, magical thinking, contamination, relationship and many more since I was 10 and hocd on and off since I was 16. But when it comes back it’s really bad with depression and mental pain because of all the Groinal response including unwanted climax, which really gave a hardest time in my life, now I keep checking what if someone in my family is gay. I’m afraid that if someone from my family with same genes is gay it means I’m as well and all this hocd thing is just a denial. I know my cousin or two may be gay and this scared the crap out of me.

Any answers?
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