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Please help my hocd is back with a vengeance after 10 years

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Re: Please help my hocd is back with a vengeance after 10 years

Postby live1 » Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:26 pm

Snaga wrote:My replies aren't meant to be cryptic. I don't personally think you're gay. I think your OCD is making you overthink things.

I am saying reassurance is bad- it only temporarily sates the OCD- it doesn't do a thing to help you to deal with it. I have harm OCD- my harm intrusive thoughts will likely never go away- I have to manage them. Otherwise, someone could tell me all day long I'm not going to hurt someone or something, and it won't do any good- at best, it would mollify me only for a short while. Reassurance is not a solution.

Ok thanks my friend that was a more clear response my brain is a mess from all this stress and worry no sleep and food but feel a bit better thanks,just wish I could remember exactly how old I was because everything I read and therapists say young people kids teens etc experiment and it's normal part of being young apparently and does not mean your gay.

but the hocd in my mind its trying to scare me and make me believe that I was not young and that i was old and therefore I must be gay (but deep down I'm sure i was young)and that I may have did something bad that night that I explained in the origianl post even though I cant really remember doing anything

and the last thing worrying me is how I got over this hocd years ago and completey got it out of my mind no more groinal response and unwanted thoughts but can't remember how I got over my hocd . i don't really remember if I said in my mind over and over(mental rituals)I did not take part at all in this scenario so stop worrying and that was that or the most likely version was i said to myself in my mind I didn't take part at all in this situation so no worrys,but if I did i only hit or slapped the statute once and that's not gay anyway no worse than the jackass stunts and I was a kid at the time possibly 14 15 16 or 17 so no worrys but I was probbly 15 or 16 so I got over it knowing I'm straight because I've never been attracted to men I was a kid at the time and I dont think I even took parts in the thing I'm worried about.but of I did I was young so that means I'm not gay anyway and the thought repulses me no offence to anyone when I say that

With hocd when you are worrying about a specific past unwanted event and have hocd it messes with your memory fills in the blanks with stuff you are scared off,to keep me going into a chronic panic loop and having to constantly do mental checking try to evaluate everything like what video games was I playing around that time,what movies were we watching,what trainers were we wearing to try and work out roughly what year it was when this incident happened so I could try find out roughly how old I was
It's like mental torture non stop all day all night with no breaks
Thanks again through for your reply and trying to help.im 10000000 percent sure I'm not gay that's a fact and I've know that always but hocd still trys to add doubt makeing your past memories and events from past say your gay even though I know I'm not gay,
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