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Obsessions with fictional characters

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Obsessions with fictional characters

Postby Bro » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:20 pm

I have OCD, and I obsess over fictional characters all the time in weird ways though. You see when I get obsessed with a fictional character, if someone draws them in a way I don’t like I get very depressed or very upset. Examples of what I don’t like to see: them voting someone, them getting vored, them being used for clout, them getting hurt. ( some of things I get worried about seeing happening to them: snake vore, them being vored by someone else, anything that normally has something to do with hurting them) If an artist or fetish artist draws them in a way I don’t like it has them getting hurt in someway it somehow destroys me a lot. I have done a lot of things I’m not proud of because of these obsessions, luckily I’ve been improving but I still upset over those ideas and gets scared of them happening even though that character isn’t real, basically I fall in love with them even though I do like real girls. I guess I just don’t like seeing my favorite character get hurt, it’s almost like a strong bond I have between that character and I think the OCD just makes it worse.

Also here’s some things I do think of when I get upset when I see these things: when someone makes a picture of them getting hurt or them getting eaten by something, I get very depressed and I can’t think of the things I usually think of that make me happy with that character. And even if they make a picture of the character not getting hurt but still doing some thing that kind of scares me, If that artist is known to make vore of any sort kind like snake vore or normal vore, I think of the idea that in the universe that they’ve created that it could happen to the character I’m obsessed with even if it’s not drawn yet.

And I always worry of seeing these photos without even realizing they exist, I check all these accounts constantly just to make sure they’re not making something I don’t like, it’s really horrible and I don’t know how to deal with it or how to let go of the obsession, somethings work here in there with it but I still get obsessed.

In someway even if I know the care not real I do think they feel pain just a little, and with OCD I take it a lot more personally than I should. What should I do.
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Re: Obsessions with fictional characters

Postby Snaga » Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:06 pm

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

I'm not sure how 'normal' it is, to gain strong attractions for a fictional character; however, that is one of the points of good storytelling- to make the reader/audience identify in some way, be sympathetic to, or otherwise react in some way. That's what makes for a good story. So I'd think it's sorta 'normal' to have fictional characters you really like. I know I have my favorites.

There are times when I haven't liked the way a story or movie goes, because something happens to a character I like- and I do mean, really dislike.

So I think some of that is typical. Getting depressed or anxious however... that sounds a bit troublesome for you.

For me, I would remind myself that they're fictional characters. They exist in our minds; so they can exist however you wish for them to, yes? As far as other people doing things you find unpleasant to your favorite characters- I would adopt a very simple thing- ignore them, the first time you see something that you find upsetting. I mean, don't look at that artist again.

On a wider scale (and trying not to go into politics here, but I think this is similar enough that it's a useful illustration), there are a lot of people (a lot!) who are... shall we say, less than happy (read: incensed) with not simply one character or two- although scaled down under a microscope, oh yes- but entire franchises that we held near and dear- the fad is now to appropriate long-established, popular franchises and use them as ideological vehicles, at the expense of the story, the characters, and most importantly for the faithful- the canon. After being upset, eventually you are either going to live in a perpetual state of Upset, which turns into an obsession- or you're going to decide that after a certain cut-off, some things are simply dead to you, and move on.

Now, that's not exactly OCD style behavior, necessarily, that I described in the previous paragraph, but I think the same thing can be applied here, with modifications- you see art you don't like, fine- that artist that drew those is dead to you. If someone makes pictures of characters you don't care for, then don't check that person's drawings out any more- if they did it once, they're going to do it again. In the end, characters only exist in our head- so we need to keep a sense of perspective. So look at only what pleases you, leave the rest alone when you come across it, and don't check for the purpose of seeing what someone has done with a character... that's how I'd handle it. You have to make yourself not worry about what other people do with a beloved character. Just walk away from those depictions. You can't change it; you must learn to ignore it.

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