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I’m Terrified I’m Trans (But I Hope I’m Not)

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I’m Terrified I’m Trans (But I Hope I’m Not)

Postby FreshGuy » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:03 pm

I really can’t cope. My mental health has been awful recently.

I don’t know if I am a transsexual or not and it is TERRIFYING.

I really don’t want to be but I am scared I am.

I wish I could stay a man.

This is really haunting me.

And I am scared that if this intrusive thought turns out to be true then it must mean my POCD/incestuous fears are true too

Today I was clothes shopping and in a shop I saw some ladies glittery sequin tops and thought they looked nice (this is a sign of my transsexualism)

Also last week I shaved some of my chest hair. I am scared it is a confession of my transsexuality

Years ago my uni did a drag day and I dressed as a woman and a drag king said I reminded them of some one new to be trans

All of my transsexual fears began after I dressed as a woman for an outfit for a party that me and my friends planned to go to as the spice girls.

Transsexual thoughts terrorise and plague my mind everyday and I can’t take it.

Further signs I’m transsexual:

- I get thoughts in my head saying I want to cut off my dick.

These thoughts terrify like. I hate them I wish they would go away.

I want all my trans thoughts to go away forever

- I feel uncomfortable and anxious when trans people are mentioned on tv as it triggers my anxieties. I’m so scared by the thoughts

- Some clothes I feel uncomfortable in. I am scared that this is gender dysphoria. For example, if a t shirt is loose and baggy and shows the chest, I don’t like it.

I prefer a better fitted t shirt

- I find hair on my feet disgusting

MEN don’t mind body hair, trans people wouldn’t like it so I must be trans

I don’t want to be trans. Please please please, I wanna stay a man but the thoughts won’t stop.

I just want the thoughts to stop forever so I can stay a man.

Today I bought shampoo. I didn’t know whether to get one that said ‘man’ or the same brand but doesn’t specifically say man on the bottle.

If I buy the one that doesn’t say man, is it because I am uncomfortable being a man? Will it give me gender dysphoria if I buy the ‘man’ one? If I buy the one that doesn’t say man, is it because I am a transsexual? (I bought this brand last time and didn’t see the ‘man’ version)

Those are the thoughts I had earlier today

Also when I was a kid, I found some of her toys fun to play with like Polly Pockets and some of her dolls. We used to put all our toys together and play games with all of them.

Also in another group I’m in, a REAL trans person said that ftm trans people often have eating disorders before they transition AND I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER.

So I am terrified it means I am trans

I am so scared I am a transsexual but I don’t want to be.

This is ruining my life
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Re: I’m Terrified I’m Trans (But I Hope I’m Not)

Postby jj19 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:47 am

I saw so much of your posts, as i suffer of the same fear, and as i lost myself so much over the past few months i don't know if i can really help, but all i could say is that i suggest you to try stop caring the thoughts and maybe dedramatize them, yes maybe you're trans, maybe i am... so what? the world keeps turning, thousands and thousands of ppl are trans and live very happy life, i know how hard it is to have this state of mind, i struggle myself with that everyday, but the only way to deal with my anxiety everyday is to stop caring, maybe i am but i have to move on, the answer doesn't have to stop me, stop trying to find an answer that will not pop up suddenly, stop trying to find proofs, maybe they are maybe not but only you give them the judgement and importance they deserve. Nobody here can help you by telling you x y or z. You need to help yourself by stop caring, you can't stop this thoughts, but you can make them meaningless, of course i'm sure you already know that.

( BTW i didn't even knew they were shampoo for men and women omg marketing hits hard).
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