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Postby WhyDoIExist » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:32 pm

So, I just had my first appointment with my new psychiatrist, and the good news is she doesn't think I'm a pedophile.
However, I'm now worrying that I didn't communicate something properly to her. I told her that sometimes it feels like I like the thoughts, but what I meant is that sometimes it feels like I like the idea of molesting little girls (which scares me). I'm afraid she may interpret what I said as simply liking thinking about child abuse in a way that some people like thinking about murder (as in they're just fascinated by the idea because of how morbid it is). If I clarify this to her, will she then think I could be a pedophile??? I have another appointment on the 27th, but should I try calling her to clarify this? :cry:
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