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Groinal responses.

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Groinal responses.

Postby zouzou24 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:53 am

I understand that groinal responses come about when an intrusive image or thought pops into your head, and that it can happen at any time or place.

Recently, my OCD has been tearing into me, essentially commandeering my entire day, ruminating on whether or not it's just POCD, or if it's more than that.

I understand that having a groinal response to any sexual thought or sound is pretty normal. I learned this after doing some research, when my reaction to the sounds of someone being raped in a movie, would leave me to believe that I was a monster. The same for hearing any sound that remotely resembles the one to moaning or anything akin to it. No matter who or what it came from. Which, again I would chock it all up to the OCD.

Today as I was walking around Walmart, I heard a little girl crying, and making these weird sounds that sounded like some type of moaning, and my groinal response was intense. I feel that the more I tried to ignore, deny, and escape from it, the stronger it got. It triggered the hell out of me. It always bothers me, and normally I would let it go quickly, after rationalizing it as my OCD, but lately, my doubt and insecurities have been augmented to the point, where I can't have piece of mind at all whatsoever. Everything I learned from what POCD is, and the groinal responses, intrusive thoughts, images, compulsions, that come with it, have gone out the window. The need to assuage the stress, by reconfirming the facts, that I've already reconfirmed over and over again is indefatigable.

I also just learned about Misophonia. The sounds of moaning of any kind just set me off.

Has anyone else also experienced this?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Groinal responses.

Postby Snaga » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:22 pm

Well, intense anxiety or situations can cause groinal sensations- I get a very pleasant sensation between my legs when I do something I know might cause physical damage to me- like having my hand where I shouldn't at work, with machinery. At no point, do I have a philia for losing body parts, it's just anxiety spike that does it. I can create it on demand, almost. It's.. interesting, in a detached way. As a result of experiencing something that is repeatable and definitely not connected to any kink, I know firsthand, that one can get tingly and it not be something you are really excited by. It doesn't even have to be sexual in origin.

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