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Gay with straight ocd

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Gay with straight ocd

Postby taurus123 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:56 pm

So I'm 19 years old and gay I've know I've been gay since about 12 or 13 always liked guys never had feel I vs for girls ask did for guys and i was happy it felt right and me. So I've suffers from different ocd themes for the past years but I'm scared in turning straight and loosing intrest/attraction in guys. Like I look at girls I don't feel sexual or anything but then I'm scared what if I do or change and it feels so real. I also testing feel I feelings and attraction and it stresses me out like it tricks me to think do but I get a moment when I like guys but then the ocd tricks me and tells me girls so then I go check again like a cycle. I also take blame because I read stories about how God made these gay people straight and that's also scared me like I'm not religious at all but I'm scared i will turn that way. But why dose it feel so real I'm scared iv e changed of changing but I liked being gay and guys and dicks but since these thoughts it feels like I'm losing myself.

Can it make you think you like the opposites sex genitals
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Re: Gay with straight ocd

Postby Snaga » Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:42 pm

Well I think if you're really gay, you'd find girls either icky or boring, right?

And more power to anyone who can manage to get made straight by God, but I would think it would take a whole lotta faith, and it's not something that God is just going to throw on you like magic straight pixie dust. Something called free will. As far as I can tell, sexual orientation in males is pretty darn fixed. I'm Bi, myself, and I've been that way at least since I was 13 and I seriously doubt anything can make that change- only my behaviour, but not the desires.

If, before you got worried about it, and outside your fears, if you don't feel anything for girls, then seems to me it's OCD talking.

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