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Do I have a mild form of OCD?

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Do I have a mild form of OCD?

Postby annorako » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:22 am

I’ve not given much thought to some of the things I do but now looking back on it’s a bit weird so could someone please tell me if these activities are example of mild OCD?

For example, after I wash my hands, if I feel like a little bit of my hand hasn’t been washed then I’ll go back and wash them. Like even if I wash my hands and then go to my bed to sleep, and lie there for five minutes, I’ll keep thinking of that and eventually I’ll just stop trying to sleep and turn the lights back on the wash my hands. (That was the largest example of this I could think of)

Another thing I do is probably pretty common among people- whenever I go to sleep I always make sure to close my closet door enough so that I can’t see the dark space in between the doors from my point in bed. The same kinda thing goes for going into the garage at night- I’ll turn on the lights from inside the house with my arm reaching into the garage, and then once I get what I need, I’ll turn around and then turn off the lights, and close the door without turning around so I can’t see the dark. (Maybe this one isn’t OCD but more of a fear but it’s something I can’t not do)

The last thing I’ll do is that I avoid seeing change (which is similar to the one before). It’s like I wait and say to myself “oh well, I’ll just keep my eyes open”, but at the last moment I always shut them. By change, I’m talking about any change such as turning off lights, the changing of screens on the phone (for instance on a game, when it changes from the loading screen to the home screen). This mostly applies to lights, ie when a teacher turns off the lights or when I turn off the lights. Once again, before I go to sleep, I’ll make sure to cover my entire body with my blanket and instead of just shutting my eyes, I’ll cover them with one arm so that light can’t get through, and then turn off the lights (my light switch is right next to my bed).

I don’t really know if these are really weird things to do or a mild form of OCD so I hope y’all can help me ^^’
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