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I Need Techniques to Manage Need for Perfection in my life.

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I Need Techniques to Manage Need for Perfection in my life.

Postby emilly » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:12 am

Hi guys,

I am having a really really hard time coping with the need for perfection in my life. It drives me crazy when my belongings aren’t in perfect condition, especially when newly purchased. I inspect any item for flaws no matter how small. It’s gone to the extent where I’m have stopped buying things like clothes for myself as I can’t cope with imperfections in the things that I buy. My partner wonders why I wear the same things all the time, and all I can say is thank God I wear a uniform at work.

When I find a flaw in anything I own, it’s like that item becomes tainted to me, and my mind then rejects that item, and I stop being happy over owning it.

Also, if I can’t make something perfect in my life I stop trying.

I developed these behaviors as long as I remember, even as 13 year old doing my hair in front of the mirror, and redoing 100 times until it was “perfect”.

I’m in my mid thirties now, and this behaviors still are causing me misery. I know it’s illogical the behavior, but my mind will not let it go.

What can I try myself, DIY, to help? Any CBT techniques that may work? I can’t afford a therapist right now.
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