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Can ERP/CBT help me? (Porn addiction and OCD)

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Can ERP/CBT help me? (Porn addiction and OCD)

Postby klontar_7 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:01 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a history of porn addiction, and I've masturbated to a lot of things that now disgust me.
I have been diagnosed with Pure-O OCD, went to all topics (ROCD, TOCD, HOCD, POCD). POCD seems to be the worst now. I remembered that even though I never watched or wanted to watch CP, I think I have few instances where I imagined that the adult actress in porn might be a child and masturbating to the thought.

I am not in any way attracted to kids and don't have fantasies about them. I started CBT recently, but only had 2 sessions atm. Do you have similar experiences or know someone that had CBT/ERP and it set them free so to speak? My anxiety is through the roof, has been for last 6months and I'm suicidal.

Any input would be appreciated
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