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Insomnia due to obsessing about neighbor

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Insomnia due to obsessing about neighbor

Postby Insomniac12341 » Wed May 16, 2018 5:26 pm

A loved one of mine has been battling insomnia for three years now. Every night seems to be a battle for her and I don't know how she does it. The most recent incident has been with a neighbor that showed her attitude. My wife knows that it is petty and not worth the trouble of obsessing but she can not stop. She is checking to see if the neighbor is parking or if she can hear the neighbor. My wife doesn't want to obsess this much but has trouble controlling the impulse. My wife admits that the problem is her brain and her emotions rather than the environment. But despite logically comprehending this, she still can't sleep. Now sheis losing hope. She gets 2 hours of sleep a night sometimes and is feeling ill. I have tried to give her comforting words but I do not know where to turn. I do not want her to suffer any longer. Please give me some advice on how to help my wife or if there is something that has worked for some other people here. Please help.
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Re: Insomnia due to obsessing about neighbor

Postby BelleCat » Wed May 16, 2018 6:00 pm

I have never had obsessive thoughts about other people do,and I am not a Psychologist or a Therapist,but I have had Insomnia because of OCD,and taking a break usually works out for me.Do you have a time for vacations?If you do,I recommend you to go on one.
I wouldn't change my house though.It only makes the matters worse for me.But I don't know about your wife.But if you haven't visited a therapist yet,DO visit one.
And relaxing really helps.It's not that easy at first,but when you get used to doing it everytime,it works.
And good luck.I hope your wife's condition gets better!
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