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Superstition ruining my life [Triggerwarning]

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Superstition ruining my life [Triggerwarning]

Postby Throwawayocd » Wed May 16, 2018 3:57 am

Hi guys,
I also have ocd and I developed a strange superstition based on the puppet of the movie chuckie.
The movie is based on a real life cursed puppet.
It's called robert the doll and supposedly if you take its picture whitout asking for permission first you have bad luck. And i believe in its curse. What also makes me believe in its curse is that many people who took a photo of him without asking beforehand experienced bad luck.
My ocd in this case is luck based .. in my mind when Im happy about something I feel like the king of the world. And like nothing can stop me. Here's where the puppet comes in. Everytime I feel something good I won't even aknowledge every bad jinx I have in my ocd. This is the part where I struggle. I believe that every aspiration I have goes downhill once i don't aknowledge the curse of the puppet almost like the goal itself is now cursed and I can never reach it.
You can imagine it like the guy who doesn't believe in superstitions is always the one testing his luck and then therefor experiences bad luck.
Guess what I'm saying is that my ocd is testing my luck and I'm scared that there will be negative consequences.
The reason why I believe in this superstition is that twice when I didn't do the jinx something pretty bad happened to the endeavors that I was pursuing.
To counter this I trained myself not too feel good/invincible about the jinx and in turn conditioned myself to stop feeling good when something exciting happens. This caused me many problems among them apathy and depression.
Now my question to you guys is..can i condition myself to feel happy again if something good happens to me?
And how do i loose this jinx?
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Re: Superstition ruining my life [Triggerwarning]

Postby Sadpeanut » Wed May 16, 2018 3:22 pm

I developed a similar fear, based on the infamous Bundy curse. That is, the Bundy family from Married With Children had a centuries old curse whereby at some point, the typically horrible Bundy life would be gifted with ever increasing good fortune. If a Bundy ever acknowledged their good luck out loud, they'd be struck with an equal level of bad luck. Somehow I internalized this, and began believing, to this day even, that if I granted that my day was going well, then I'd be punished for it.

I've begun working my way out of this, and for me this requires that I spit in the face of any cosmic forces out to secure my discomfiture. That is, at some point, you just have to say "f-you universe (or whatever you believe is causing your bad luck), do your worst!"
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