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Unwanred Sexual images and thoughts of my own father !?

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Unwanred Sexual images and thoughts of my own father !?

Postby Summerskye » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:18 pm

I think i I have sexual ocd it's a term i just learned about today , but have been dealing with for years , for years now I have been having unwanted sexual thoughts and images of my dad , since i was probably 15ish . My dad is bisexual and he would tell me of his sexual adventures with my step mom and of his past .. He would tell me how big his penis is and he would show me pictures online of pornographic images , but he never touched me sexually or anything .. and since then i have been having those unwanted feelings and i feel so disgusting and guilty and ashamed .. usually it happens when i am trying to get intimate with my husband , at first I'm kind of into it but tuen i feel disgusted and I lose the mood , i still go through wit it for my husband though and he doesn't know because im scared to tell him , or sometimes like last night i will get sexual dreams , i used to be into the Ddlg kink a while back but i kept it to myself because i didnt didn't want anyone to know , that only made it worse and i would watch pornography of the same topic..... i became a christian recently and stopped watching porn and getting into kinks, and i pray to God to make those thoughts go away , it's not as bad as it used to be but I'm still struggling with it ... im I'm terrified that God will be upset with Me or that i wont get to go to heaven because of these perverse thoughts ,
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Re: Unwanred Sexual images and thoughts of my own father !?

Postby FreshGuy » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:04 pm

Your father shouldn't have shown you pornography or discussed his sex life in so much detail with you, particularly when you were young.

That being said, I also deal with unwanted sexual imageso f my family on occasion and it is just intrusive thoughts, they are a common intrusive thought.

It doesn't mean you actually want it to happen.
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