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I know I'm asleep but can't wake up

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I know I'm asleep but can't wake up

Postby nightmares » Fri May 15, 2020 1:36 pm

I have regular nightmares where I know I'm asleep but can't wake up, the things in the nightmares are unbelievably disturbing and when I eventually wake, my heart is racing and I'm confused and can't think properly. I sometimes see things and if I fall asleep again the nightmares continue so normally I have to call someone or get up and do something until the confused fear ends.

Anyway, the most recent one was last night, again I knew I was asleep and I was begging for help but everyone around me was morphing and saying creepy things or they just couldn't hear me. The dream kept sort of restarting and each time I'd 'wake up' in bed and try to figure out if I was really awake this time or not and every time I came close to waking up, it would restart again.

The final time it restarted, I tried to use my phone to contact someone and when I did, I got a text from an anonymous number saying "Stop trying to wake up Ellie" and when I asked why I got another text saying "You are my berserker" and then the word berserker was sent on repeat getting louder and louder and louder till I woke up.

I am not someone who normally believes in spirits and things, but this was such a weird feeling that is completely supernatural. Has anyone else had dreams like this? Or been called someones berserker? Just interested to see if this is more common than I thought. I can't find anything that describes what these nightmares are because it's not sleep paralysis and it's not just a normal nightmare. Please let me know what you think. Thank you xoxo
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