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I need help.

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I need help.

Postby BPTalle » Fri May 25, 2018 7:35 am

Sooooo this has been going on for awhile but tonight it just got worst. This happens usually a couple times a week and mostly during quick naps. But I’ll just talk about tonight. I couldn’t sleep and finally fell asleep around 12:45am after that I had four dreams and they were all super vivid but I only remembered the last three. The first one I was outside my home (I live on a college campus) and I was riding a bike trying to get away from a bunch of guys but I just couldn’t ride away fast enough. Then I woke myself up and had a dream I was driving my car but I couldn’t stay awake so I was all slumped over and asleep and I couldn’t see the road. I was swearving and saved the car a couple times but I still couldn’t move most of my body. Eventually I landed in a pond but I still couldn’t wake my body up to move. Then I woke up in real life. The last one was the worst, I was in my room and somebody reached through my window and was pulling me out by my hair. But like my whole body was on fire, it actually hurt and I could feel it burning. I couldn’t scream or move my arms and I didn’t even see the person pulling me but I woke up because I realized they were pulling me out of the opposite side of how to window opens. Finally I woke up after like 20 minuets of sleep and all that had happened. These dreams like this happen a lot and I need help stopping them or making it controlled because it’s so hard to wake up.

(Sorry for typos it’s 1:30 now and my brain is kind of foggy)
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Re: I need help.

Postby SGKVN » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:34 pm

Hi, I used to have nightmare like you, the only thing I can recommend is to have a belief.

I dont mean religion, but something for you to believe in - in my case, my mother.

Everytime I have nightmare or anything, I will call my mother name and think of her, then I will be able to wake up.
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