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what does it mean if you dream about some teenagers ( TW )

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what does it mean if you dream about some teenagers ( TW )

Postby Razor8182 » Wed May 10, 2017 10:44 am

Just like the title said. I dreamed about coming back with some groceries and when I was at the gate of my house, 6 guys came to me asking me for my money. And of course I said no(in real life. If I said no they will just slap my neck then go away.). After I said no a guy said what do you mean no and then he pulled a knife out. I was standing still but I remember this part. I kept telling myself WHY THE FRICK AIN'T MY FAMILY ANSWERING. then the guy just ran at me with the knife but he tripped xD. Then I ran to the back alley behind my street. And then I escaped to my family's old rented apartment which was the front alley of our current house(I know what a coinsidence). The house is usually pretty active with people and I thought maybe someone will come to it and I can ask for help. I hid beside some stairs and waited when somebody came out of the gate and I saw him clicking on our old bell. I was like wait what did someone rent it? And it was my mom that answered the bell. The man was talking about some business and I didn't care about that's why I forgot what he talked about. Anyway he ofcourse came out and closed the gate and I had to ring the bell again. But all of a sudden those teens came acting like they thugs or something. And I kept ringing the bell but no one answered. I was like I'm doomed. But when the guy with knife came he said look kid the money or you is dead I had no change that is why I said no in the dream again. The guy raged and came at me but he was a clumsy ###$ so he tripped again. And I ran to the knife and I got it. Then when he tried to get up I kicked him in the face and made him trip. Then this part and chasing part(I don't mean them chasing me now I mean them stealing a car to chase the taxi I was in)are the only two that felt soooooooo realistic. I was stabbing him and strafing down in his face. I told myself stop but I didn't. I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed, it was like a demon or something was controlling me. After I stopped I looked at his friends and then one of em said GET THAT #####&. I ofc ran but they didn't leave me no matter how many times I will run. After going to my school's back I didn't feel like they chased me. Then I went back to my friend's house which is behind my current house. I got in and sat with him and told him about these #####&. He told me I could use his bathroom to get cleaned from all this blood. I ofc did clean myself but my friends family wasn't at home which was weird. And when I came out, those guys came to kick my ass. So me and my friend hid behind a curtain near the door so that we could run when they get in the bedrooms. And we did run out and my friend took his wallet before leaving so he had some money and told me where should we go I told him we need to go somewhere far from these #####&. He told me his aunt's house is pretty far. So he got a taxi and while we were getting in the guys came out and saw me so they stole a car and chased us. And now this is where I started telling myself wake up you idiot so it started feeling a bit toooooo realistic. We told the taxi to go fast so he did. And the guys kept hitting and ramming us. So I broke the back window and then I used my knife to break a part of the window and stab someone. He did die but I just kept stabbing him and none of his friends cut my hand or anything no they just watched. After that the taxi crashes and I get rid of this nightmare and I have another dream about some job at pizza hut and then I get a chance to do something that will make win a milli. But that dream is not important.

I wanna know why did I dream about that horrible dream. If you know the answed please tell me.

If this ain't a forum then I'm sorry I will post it somewhere else.
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Re: what does it mean if you dream about some teenagers ( TW )

Postby flutterflier » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:42 am

It's just a nightmare. There's no special meaning behind it (:
It's not worth it.
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