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Horrible Nightmare *Might Be Triggering*

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Horrible Nightmare *Might Be Triggering*

Postby GrayWolf » Thu May 04, 2017 8:57 am

Hello Everyone
My name is Wolf I am one of GrayWolf's Internal Beings(Alters) GrayWolf has just woken up from a horrible nightmare. She gets really bad nightmares that feel realistic to her and they scare her she has sent a text to two of her friends but they are sleeping. Right now she fears that they have abandoned her because of her nightmare. In GrayWolf's nightmare she, her husband and her friends are all on a beautiful island having a fun time enjoying themselves. They tell her to lay down and rest with how she looks tired when she wakes in the nightmare everyone one is gone. They leave a note for her that says 'We brought you here so we could leave you here none of us really care about you at all. If it wasn't for you then your mum would still be alive today. We will not be coming back for you and you will never see us again. For we were only pretending to care about you and we were only pretending to love you. For no one could truly care about you or love you either.' Then out of no where these guys in all black with black masks come and they beat her and rape her. She has had this nightmare before just not in a while right now she is kind of shaky so myself and some of her other Internal Beings(Alters) have her drinking some caffeine free soda and eating some candy. Before we try to get her to go back to sleep for a little while. We told her that the two friends we sent the text messages to will probably respond later not to worry. That they haven't abandoned her but they say they have abandoned her. We see our T(Therapist) later today and plan on telling her about the nightmare this way our T(Therapist) can help GrayWolf with the nightmare. She told our P(Psychiatrist) yesterday about them. And he told her that she needs to relax that there isn't much he can do that she is very stressed right now which she is. And that once she calms down and relaxes then the nightmares should stop. He also told her when she has them to try to eat a snack after and ground herself. And do some deep breathing to get re-centered and focused before trying to go back to sleep. P(Psychiatrist) also told GrayWolf to try listening to classical music or soft sounds after the nightmare and see if that helps. GrayWolf told him that she will try that the nightmares take a lot out of her and scare her a lot because of how real they feel. He told her if she has to see her sooner than their next appointment to call that he will see her sooner. She knows to call both her T(Therapist) and her P(Psychiatrist) before her appointment with them if she has to. Though sometimes if its just a couple of days away. And she gets triggered she just waits until it's time to see them and then tells them what is going on. Though sometimes if her appointment with her T(Therapist) is a week or two away and GrayWolf get's triggered. She sometimes wont call she will just ignore it until it's time to see her T(Therapist) even though myself and her other Internal Beings(Alters) and her friends will tell her to call her T(Therapist). So will the staff at her day program that she goes to. I just knew if there was something more that myself and her other Internal Beings(Alters) could do to help GrayWolf with her nightmares.
Thank you for listening.
I live with PTSD, DID, OCD, Bi Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Sever Chronic Depression, Insomnia and Anorexia I have my good days and my bad days with everything and I love how my husband is very supportive, kind, helpful, understanding and above all else he is very loving
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