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Awful nightmare from somebody who rarely has them

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Awful nightmare from somebody who rarely has them

Postby Polychromous » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:59 pm

Hello! The dream is fairly short and simple, but I'm gonna have to give some background about myself before I go into the dream itself. First off, for the last couple of months, I have been stressing about my health. Heart palpitations on the daily that triggered panic attacks, fearing something was wrong with my lungs, heart and veins, and feeling that it was my last day on Earth constantly. I didn't have any fears about this last year, they just popped up unexpectedly. Secondly, I'm a teenager and at my age it's unlikely that I'd have a heart problem or something, but I've been believing it nevertheless). I went to the doctors, she prescribed celexa (10 mg) and I had been taking it for a week until I just couldn't swallow it (as small as the pill is...) I could the days before, but not this friday so I stopped that day. There was no way I was getting it down. My mother in law's mother suggested crushing it up in yogurt... but I had no yogurt... and so I didn't take it on saturday (yesterday at the time of writing this). The nightmare happened saturday night.

I went to the doctor and I believe I had told her about my fear of having a heart attack or something... She said if I wanted to check she could. I complied, sat on a chair and she stuck a needle (In the dream she stuck it in my chest, not even by my heart) in my chest, kept it in for a second and pulled it out, wiped it on a blue dentist apron (Like when they clean your teeth) revealing maroon, slightly clumpy blood. She said "Yep... that's a heart (something... I'm not even sure what she called it but it was a vein that had bursted open. Pretty sure she called it by the wrong name because I understood what the word was! It was like palpitation or something harmless like that). Don't worry, it's fairly common. Do you want me to fix it?" I said yes (again) and then the dream ended. At first, thinking the dream over I thought nothing of it. And then I thought "Wait- what if it's trying to tell me something?"
And then I looked it up and apparently that has happened to people, like a little voice told them "You will have a heart attack!" once they woke up and they inevitably did. Any thoughts?
(Sorry this was super long, I just wanted to be thorough so I didn't have to go back and answer questions I could have provided in the original post)
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