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VERY Disturbing nightmare where people turn into human deers

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VERY Disturbing nightmare where people turn into human deers

Postby syvenn01 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:43 am

BEFORE I GO INTO ANYTHING! This is very disturbing. -I- am disturbed by this. If anyone is familiar with the Silent Hill video game series, think that level of disturbing. You have been warned.

Okay, so I had this... REALLY messed up nightmare the other day... And I still can't get over it. I haven't had many of these but when I do I can never get them out of my head, and usually just going to dream moods helps me cope with it. Well... not this time. I like to think I'm a normal person, I'm not obsessed with anything outlandishly disturbing, or violence, or creepy things, so I have no clue where this came from.

So, the dream starts out with someone (myself?) I'm not really sure, and three or four people (one/two males, two females) that I don't know nor have I ever met, as far as I know. It's the holidays, there's snow everywhere, and we are visiting this christmas village display or whatever, and it's relatively dark, as in not too many lights of any kind. Two of the people I am with touch different plastic snowflake displays and destroy it upon touching it, laugh and walk off (Laughing all the way! Not funny.)

Fast forward, and I go to one of the peoples houses that I am with because one of the females calls me and is freaking out because he has been in the attic all day. I go to the attic, and he looks at me, screeches at me, and this is where things get weird. His head has taken on a strange boney plate shape, think a triceratops head. I flee the house in terror and jump into the back of this truck. For some reason I connect this with the snowflake display they touched and destroyed. Suddenly the man I was with has turned into a human deer... thing. Now, when I say human deer thing, I don't mean he is suddenly bambi. He is suddenly a human with elongated limbs, a REALLY long neck, that strange boney plate head, and is galloping or whatever a deer running is called, towards me.

About this time I sort of wake up. I'm half asleep and I am freaked out and all I want to do is wake up and never fall asleep again, but for whatever reason I am possessed to try and settle this. In my half asleep state, these things are chasing me and I am freaking out. I then summon a... shotgun and... shoot it. When I shoot it, it kind of explodes into this bright blue puff and vanishes. Then I wake up.

The only thing I can think of that would cause a disturbing nightmare like this is a couple of things: I was watching a horror movie the other night, and I had just gotten the latest DOOM video game, which explains the random summoning of a shotgun. I don't need explanations on the shotgun, that's just my brain telling me to take a break from video games for a few days, but what I need help with is understanding what the hell is up with everything BEFORE that. I... I dunno... I literally do not know. I don't know what ANY of it means, at all. I couldn't even begin to start looking it up to piece it together to even try and understand it. There's nothing in dream moods about horror movie human deer things or a christmas village, and especially with people I don't know who acted like they knew me, or even if I was possibly dreaming about me being someone else? I am kinda stressed out at work too...

If anyone has any kind of knowledge on this or knows someone who knows about this, please let them know and send them my way. Thank you guys for your time in reading this.
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Re: VERY Disturbing nightmare where people turn into human deers

Postby The Lunatic » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:07 am

Post on the Reddit Dreams sub.

That's a lot more ###$ up than Silent Hill by the way. The only more ###$ up dream I've ever heard including people's sleep paralysis episodes etc (which I get myself) is this person who said they dreamed of their dad with 8 legs crawling like a spider on the kitchen ceiling and licking their face all over with a really long tongue.

Might just be because of how I pictured it though. But I've been through like 10000 nightmare reports (as they interest me) on AskReddit and forums and stuff and this is the second worst. Until the shotgun.
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