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Is my headache serious? Please help ☺

Yesterday I got a dullish headache my hair was in 4 plaits and crossed over my head and it was quite heavy I took it out and it was there for a little bit I took some paracetamol and I was fine. The next morning I was fine until I put my hair in plaits again and my dullish headache came back it was a very mild headache. I also should mention I have ice ...
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Talking to us middle age ladies plz...

OK....so I have a question for any of you women.......can you go through menopause more than once? I thought I went through it around fifty, but now at 53, and for about 6 months now, have been having the hot flashes again...mood swings and such. Could this Be? Because it's sure messing around with my already unstable mood. :oops:
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Endometrial cancer

I found out on Friday that my mom has endometrial cancer. I've been trying to be strong about it because I know worrying is not going to fix anything, but I'm scared. I'm really really scared. She has a hysterectomy scheduled for a week from Friday, and she says the prognosis is good and the doctor thinks they should be able to get all of it. I'm scared anyway. I feel like I don't know ...
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Some gyno issues bothering me

It has been bothering me for almost two years.
Whenever I'm starting to get aroused, and the lube is supposed to come out, it starts to hurt near the entrance of vagina. If I touch it, I can feel small small firm bumps there. But I still get wet after a while, and those bumps disappear completley after I orgasm. I've continuously told my gyno about it, and said that it's totally fine and I ...
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Feeling unhappy even after weight loss?

All right, I want to ask you something that may seem strange at first, but it is something that I have been struggling with in recent months, perhaps even weeks. I have lost a considerable amount of weight and I am happy with the results. However, I am not ‘happy’ with myself at all.

Despite the fact that others give you compliments about the weight loss, muscle tone, I still do not feel comfortable in ...
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Globus pharyngus

Hello everyone. I have never posted here before. You will see me in the OCD forum.

I've suffered with anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. It started off as separation anxiety as a child and has developed into Pure-O OCD as I've gotten older.

I am here today to ask if anyone suffers with Globus Pharyngus or Globus hystericus. It is the "lump" feeling in your throat, mainly caused by anxiety and ...
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False pregnancy or other issue?

Pap test in september: hpv negative, abnormal cells, repeat in 6 months.

LMP: September 24, 2013

Sex: October 9th and two other dates I can't remember. One was before that day and the other was after. That's as far as I can recall. Same person though!

HPT: Negative 3x.

I had pelvic pressure/discomfort and went to the e.r. and they did a ct scan and said my ovaries were enlarged, but gave me medicine for ...
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Whats your take on shakes?

Hi Everyone,
So Im curious as to how many people incorporate shakes into your daily lives. I have recently been doing the slimfast shakes, although haven't seen any results scale wise since November. So today I bought plan whey protein powder to start taking. I will probably add a banana and instead of milk I love almond milk. Way less calories and fat then milk.
What are good shakes that I can make and also ...
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Breaking free of my diet plateau

When I started dieting, I had a lot of fat to lose. I had some very specific goals in mind on how I wanted to look, the fitness levels I wanted to reach, and even strength levels I was shooting for. I used two diets to lose the weight. One was the Atkins Diet, sticking very close to their plan of extremely low carbohydrates. The second plan was following the Body for Life theory of ...
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Losing 1 kilogram fast.

I've gained 1 kilogram (about 2.2 pounds? I don't know) from having the munchies and I can't stand it. I'm usually quite thin. It messes my head, I just want it gone. Please help, how do I shed that 1 kilogram? I know, I'm not thinking clearly, but still.

Also- Not from the US\UK, so if you recommend products, I'm sure we have it in here...
Thanks in advance.
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