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PMS and mild depression


I feel depressed before and my period and during. it lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 days. It seems to get better and be more managable when I am working so I can distract myself.

The thing is, I don't want to go on medication for this but I feel its hard to just enjoy life and be happy during this period of time. I'm not sure what to do or what I can ...
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What am I???

This summer I'm interning at my school and I've had a heightened intrigue on the subject of Psychos, Sociopaths and Empaths. I'm trying to figure out what I am. I have known for a long time that I've been the odd one out. I can't tell what it is with me may it be my mannerisms or what but I know Sociopaths pick me out of the crowd and the general public find me odd ...
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Wearing Adult depends.

I struggle with my anxiety a lot. Sometimes, when I am in a rush and I use the bathroom I can't get relaxed enough to use the restroom, so I just hold it and wait. Other times, when I am in a bad mood, I wear briefs and become very irritable and moody, (depression--mood disorder,borderline personality disorder). It affects me in different ways, but I wear a brief so I don't have to go to ...
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women still

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Constant breast pain?????

23 yo.

For the past straight week I have had a constant breast pain, getting gradually worse. My nipples feel hard and swollen and they hurt with even the lightest touch. My whole breasts (both sides) have been in constant low grade discomfort/pain, especially when I am not wearing a bra. It can't be the bra's I don't think....I throw out and buy new bras every six months or so and get re-measured, and all ...
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symptoms of ovarian cancer going out of mind please help

For a weeks now i've had bloated gassy feeling in stomach, i got my period late and it kinda went away but now a week later it's back and worse. It's not really a pain but a uti tye feeling of pressure and gas from belly button down it's a horrible feeling and it matches the ovarian cancer symptom. Last year i had a similiar problem and went to dr and got a pelvic and ...
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weight gain

can not put weight on.. for ages now and i really feel I neeed to

I am going through alot of emotional upset right now with things and im just feeling like rubbish my weight isnt helping either

any tips to put weight on please.

note i am 5 foot4

weigh 6 stone 6... but concerned i will lose bit more wieght as problems with a friendship has been getting me really down on top ...
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Abnormal PAP & HPV high risk

Hi all, long time ago I was afraid of the consequences of the HPV virus (which I fought over a year) ... well, I can breathe , after long treatment (no vaccine) I got rid of this virus!! I appeal to all girls and women who have similar problems, it's better to go to the doctor for not having anything to lose the contrary else can heal without complications! treatment only .. do not be ...
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Possible Factors in Health

am not sure how to explain about my situation with my family, so I am just going to type it in small words or bulletpoint them below, while also trying to place each one in a category, title or heading:

Desires as a child and teen - young adult
- make my family happy
- try to again family aprooval
for my family to believe in my ability to be sucessful and for my family ...
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