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is this abuse? i feel like i'm losing my mind

i have been going through a lot the past few months i feel so lost. i am in a relationship with someone for over a year now and i dont know what to think anymore

i dont know how to put this so i guess i will make a list for now

- first thing is when i disagree with them they shut down and get mad at me and hold me at an emotional ...
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I need to get this off my chest

Right, so this is going to be long, so TL;DR is I think my brother is manipulative, but I can't really prove it and I might be just crazy.

In our family, it is just me and my brother. He is a massive @@@@@@@. He would call me names all the time and I couldn't do anything because he is 5 years older than me and more physically fit. Because of that, our relationship was ...
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How do I accept the fact that my family is like this?

My family is dysfunctional. Mother who never emotionally supported me, father with anger issues and a serious victim complex, sisters who are nice and great but i don't talk to a lot, oldest brother who is frankly very weird and also has anger issues (runs in the family)

And then those two. The first one is my youngest brother, got a long with him well when we were kids, obviously tons of fighting but also ...
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Is this emotional abuse from my mom?

For context, I am a 22F, and am in grad school but live with my parents (and mom) at home. I just want to know if anyone else has had similar experiences with parents (especially mothers).

1. My mom dealt with her anger at me with destructive behaviors. When my mom was mad at me when I was younger (ages 10-14), she would go into my room and break or knock over the things she ...
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20/20 Hindsight on the warning signs...

These are the warning signs that I ignored. I'm a male. Judge me as a bitch for taking the domestic violence, I never laid a hand on her in return. I. Am. The. Man. And I am not going to let this make me feel like $#%^ anymore. I hope it inspires you to pay some attention.

She's been unstable our whole relationship. I was desperate for love and affection because I isolated myself from ...
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How to Co-parent with a verbal abuser

Hi everyone. I could really use some advice about coping with the abuse AFTER the marriage ends. I finally left him after 10 years of being called vulgar names almost every day, even in front of our small children after they were born.

I knew the behavior would continue after leaving, but I had assumed that I would feel more in control. But, I feel the opposite. I feel like life is still hopeless.

Yesterday, ...
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I just want out

My wife cornered me today and told me she can’t take me being miserable and grumpy anymore, and I need to get my $#%^ together. I had no idea I was like that. I have anxiety and PTSD, and try every day to be happy and make her and my son happy, but all she seems to focus on is the negatives. I don’t even know how to behave anymore. I work 10 hours days ...
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Is it normal to feel so guilty?

I tell the gist of my story here:

I feel so guilty about everything. That she left, that I've filed for custody, everything. I feel like I should've done more, or done better before everything got to this point. Yet, I know that I tried to reach out to her and talk to her. I've tried recently to reach out to her to talk. Is it normal to feel so guilty?
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Need to get this out

I've been told my ex has been emotionally abusive and manipulative. I've been seeing an abuse advocate who helps me understand how/why I react the way I do, and to look at what she's saying/doing in a more objective way. But, I need to get my story out...

Back in February my fiancee left the house we'd bought together. We are unmarried and have two children together. I thought she was going to be gone ...
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Am I Being Verbally Abused?

If so, how do you let someone you love know that they are abusing you, without them getting defensive? My wife is very condescending to me a lot, and often puts me down. Never in front of others, just when we’re alone. She also gets very angry with me about the most trivial things. An example is she wasn’t talking to me for 2 days and wouldn’t tell me why. I finally found out from ...
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