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Support group or individual

Does anybody know of a support group in the London (England) area? Or possibly an individual who would be willing to converse with me direct as to how they control the pain. Many thanks.
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Can somatoform cause bruising

Can anyone help me if you have nerve damage can bruising and swelling appear that can be linked with somatoform as I have a lot of pain and swelling in my ankle but I am being told that it is all in my mind and I am showing sings of somatoform has anyone else experienced this
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what type of therapy works for somatoform?

why haven't medicine and therapy worked for adam maier-clayton? do other people with somatoform also experience zero improvement with meds/therapy?
thanks all just wanna educate myself
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Something that might help some folks here

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. If you don't have it lemme just say, it's awful.

Everyone I went to had no answer other than pain killers and yoga. :roll:

Well my OCD likes to solve problems, so I obsessed about it and consumed as much info as I could online until I found my own personal holy grail.

It turned out the ...
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Can't handle things touching me.

I'm not sure if this is the right section, but it's the closest I could find.

Lately I had been experience what I think is restless legs syndrome (when I'm laying in bed if feels like something thick is being pushed through my veins and I have to kick or shake my legs). But I have also been experiencing it during the day, particularly in the car but with the added feeling that can't stand ...
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Is this somatoform?

For the last several years i am having the following symptoms:
My left side has decreased sensitivity compared to the right one
My right side sweats more than the left side
Sometimes i have difficulty forming sentences and remembering things and thinking clearly more genrally
I have a feeling as if part of my brain is not working properly

I started having these symptoms some 3,5 years ago after my brother did something that shocked ...
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I'm out here/ Somatoform disorder

I'm Gwenn um, i exist. I have my story that i want to say aloud for the first time. I have Somatoform disorder. i struggle with anxiety on a daily basis and everyday is a struggle for me. I am a teen and have diagnosed for 8 months but i have had pain for 1 year. A year ago today i couldn't walk and it was the beginning of my somatoform disorder. I just name ...
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Confiding in others multiple times

I most certainly do not think I have a somatoform disorder since it hasn't been six months yet, but I do feel anxiety ridden lately over lumps that I've gotten checked out multiple times, and false symptoms too, such as when I take my temperature and ironically have no fever.
Anyways, I was wondering HOW you can possibly confide in someone multiple times, over the same thing, over and over again, without feeling horrified of ...
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Psuedo-tumor symptoms from somatoform disorder?

Does anyone know if somatization disorder could account for symptoms of pseudo tumor: increased CSF fluid build-up and pressure? My sister was diagnosed a few years ago with pseudotumor and had 3 surgeries for shunts now- all had problems with them. She has some mental health issues- co-dependency, anxiety, panic attacks. With so many questionable symptoms and no real answers, I'm wondering if it could be somatization. Recently, she was told she had an infection ...
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Breathing disorder

Hi guys im new here.

I believe I may have psychological problems which causes me difficulty making deep breaths. Its been going for 5 months like that, have had numerous health tests for heart, lungs, stomach and cant find the problem. I now start to think it might be my mental problems due to anxiety or being extra sensitive. I have also noticed that my memory got really significantly worse, also lack of concentration and ...
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