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I just CAN'T stop pulling.

To start with, I'm now 25 and my trc started when I was in third grade. I still remember exactly how it all started, it was when my mom used to pull my dead hair strands when I was a little girl, and I liked the relaxing sensation it gives me. So one time I tried pulling my hair on my own, and that was the first of many countless times. When my parents knew ...
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How has Trichotillomania affected your romantic life?

How has is affected you in terms of building romantic relationships or if you already have a partner, how has it affected that relationship?
I've been single my whole life (and untouched) and I'm almost 30 due to fear of judgement because of my trichotillomania
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How long for new hair to grow?

Hi all,
I pulled out a massive amount of hair this summer and so far I ve seen no signs of regrowth. Does that mean that my hair will not grow back or it might take longer than normal due to damaged roots? Please let me know how long it takes for your hair to start growing back.
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Numb ~ deprive of feeling or responsiveness.

Hello trichmembers of psychforum, it's unlike me to share my thoughts freely because I don't know what I feel, or what the hell I'm supposed to feel when I'm making progress. I'm pulling less for a longer period of time than before. I'm making great progress no one else knows about though I've been through pain. Actually, I meant hell. Honestly, am I supposed to feel thrilled about this when no one can understand trich? ...
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24F, sharing story

Dear trich, it's not easy to understand you. Yet we go way back - 17 years.

I was too young to really understand you or name you at first, but I kept pulling because it felt like a relief. Not even after doctors appointments did I really think you could cause serious harm. The docs didn't get you correctly. Yet if I had somehow known all the pain you'd cause me for the next 10+ ...
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Eyebrow pulling cover up?

Hi, I have been pulling for 7 years. Since I was 16. I recently left my fiancé and had a major falling out with some of my immediate family members and my eyebrows are now about 80-90% completely bare. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good eyebrow makeup to cover up my trichotillomania? Until I can afford microblading
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my hair pulling story

i think this is the least self conscious i ever felt talking about this, in this forum, i don't feel as alone
I started pulling my hair when I was in 1st grade (now I'm 20) and I learned that if an eyelash falls then you make a wish and blow it away. I had a talk with my mom about this first memory a few months ago, and she told me that there's more ...
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22M, thought I'd share my story

I'm 22 years old, in college, and play in a rock band. I have long, curly, dark blonde hair to about chest length, which I started growing out when I was about 14. Many times I have received compliments on it. However, since I was about 18 I have had a strong tendency to pull on, or otherwise mess with my hair on one side, which in recent months has been causing me much stress ...
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Has anyone tried NAC

Some studies have shown that NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) has helped calm the pulling urges for some people. About 50% of the participants said their urges had subsided somewhat during the treatment. I read a recent interview where one of the researchers recommended taking a 600mg pill twice a day. Has anyone tried this yet? I'm going to start it today and see if I fall into the lucky half.
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new here. pulling for roots.

I have been dealing with this for about four years now. That I'm aware of. I could have possibly been doing it for longer automatically, and never noticed. When I did notice, I didn't understand why I was doing it. One day I was sitting on the couch watching tv and was playing with my hair. My head was getting a little sore and when I looked down there was small pile of hair on ...
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