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My doctor brought up tourette's

I was telling my doctor about these tics I've been having since I was a child. It makes it hard to do a lot of things like write or type because there's a tic with my hands I have to do and it ruins the flow when I'm typing. I have a dozen other tics from around my body (I've counted), and I have flareups several nights per week in which I'm doing all my ...
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Escalating tics

Hi we are new here. My daughter is 20 and has autism, generalized anxiety, and depression as well as tourettes. Her tics and just about gone away for few years. But, within the last 3 months have escalated from eye-blinking to multiple complex motor tics occurring as the same time and can last for 20 minutes. They are very strong and painful for her. Today, they were really bad and caused her to get dizzy. ...
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Do I Have Ts?


I am new here, I literally made my account today so I am a little hesitant about posting what I am about to say. Due to the fact that I do not know anyone that has tourette and that going to see a psychiatrist or psychologist is super expensive I decided to have my good friend "google" help me out a little, and that is how I found this forum! I am 21 years ...
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BF with severe screaming tics - need advice

I need some advice or support from anyone who has TS or anyone in a relationship with a TS person.

I've been with my bf for 3 years now, and currently living together. I've known all along that he has TS but over the years it has gotten worse. And I've had a hard time coping with it all this time so its been an off an on relationship, which of course has made ...
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Gluten and Tourette


Some time ago I read experiences of people who improved the symptoms of Tourette with the gluten-free diet, but I did not decide to try, I do not know if I have enough willpower. Have any of you tried the gluten-free diet? Maybe you can give me some advice.

An open access study has just been published that shows the improvement in a group of patients during a year. What has impressed me most ...
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Desperately Need Help

Hi guys, my name is CJ I'm 17 and I believe I've had Tourettes Syndrome from about 12 years old. I have very strong OCD too, at first I thought the tics were compulsions which I did however, I did my exams last year and the stress caused me to develop coprolalia. I say the most obscene things, I have incest tics about my family such as "I want to cum in my mam's pussy" ...
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Need Vaccinations For A Job

Hello! So like the title says, I have recently been hired for a new job but there's just one problem, they require vaccinations.

I have been "Tourette's free" for about 11 years now. Mine started when I was 6, a year after my vaccinations and right when I started at a new school. My neurologist immediately told me to stop getting vaccinations and stop getting the flu shot. As soon as I did, by the ...
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Pick your tics?

I am asking for people’s opinions and experiences in this one, but first the back story and question:
I used to have mostly muscular tics; things like flexing individual core muscles, doing calf raises, flexing my pectorals, etc. As you can imagine, this was really good for my health. The core flexing gave me a flat stomach and the low ab “V”, and my calf muscles were extremely pronounced. I had other tics that were ...
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8 year old with TS and teacher problems

Hallo! I’ve had TS all my life...but years ago there wasn’t a name for it and you can imagine how it was for me at school and at home! My oldest grandson has it without any doubts (he lives in the UK) but now my younger grandson appears to have it as well (two different families).

I would love more info on the symptoms apart from the obvious tics and face pulling, arms waving about ...
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New to forum, opinion please

Hi all, I am new to this forum, I'm 29, I've had bad tics since I was around 20-21. When I get the tics I feel like I'm going to die and panic, I can go hours without any tics. Professional's I've seen have had varied diagnoses, some think it's Tourettes, others think the tics are due to anxiety, I saw a neurologist who said it was a functional movement disorder.
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