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Online Therapy

Has any of you tried online therapy? I decided to try Talkspace, but I don't know if I should give it another month (that will get billed on Monday) or just stop.

It seems I just keep getting asked more and more questions. I'm an introvert and very instrospective so it's now like making me think about things is doing that much. I already know them. Then she doesn't seem to comment on my answers, ...
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How many more sessions should I try

before deciding that a therapist is not for me. I have seen this one for three sessions. For the first time, I was late because I couldn't find the place, and he was outside talking (probably waiting for me) and was talking to other people for a long time so I had to stand there and wait and then after the other people left, he said "are you here to see a guy named... when ...
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The only thing I get from therapy is anger and frustration

I quit seeing a therapist a few months back as I didn't feel it was helping me, I've seen many therapists in my life and none of them have helped me in the slightest. I have terrible OCD -obsessional thoughts, I have this main problem of feeling the need to count things all the time, like constantly. It really tortures me so I chose this therapist cos she seemed like she was an OCD specialist ...
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Overcome fear of embarrassment in therapy?

So a little background first: I'm a 22 year old guy with depression, anxiety, and OCD. I've had a few failed suicide attempts and have battled those thoughts/tendencies for years.

Now to my actual concern.. How do you overcome embarrassment in order to attend therapy? One of the things that have bothered me for a long time is a rough breakup from my girlfriend of 4 years. Without going into too much detail, she was ...
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Considering switching therapists and getting reevaluated

I have been seeing a therapist for nearly a year, mainly for my anxiety, but also for my depression. This worked very well for numerous issues I have until now. I experience periods of racing thoughts, excessive energy to the point that I have to be constantly active for hours on end, distractibility, and irritability. My therapist and people around me seem to think it is anxiety; to me, it is obvious it's not.

So ...
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Low latent inhibition therapy??

Can anyone point me in the direction of a therapist that knows about low latent inhibition and schizophrenia dual diagnosis? I'm having trouble finding anyone who has heard of low latent inhibition, never mind knows the ins and outs of it.

I believe there would be some differences between lli schizophrenia and traditional schizophrenia. For example, i would imagine people with the dual diagnosis would not be voice hearers, but get delusions of reference instead ...
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Psych Evals

Hi there,
So I recently completed an MMPI II and MCMI (I believe).

I am a bit confused by the results and contacted the clinician to schedule an appointment at which point I found out she is still under supervision.

Helpful information:
I am a victim of domestic violence by my child's father who I have an order for protection against. my eval ruled out all ...
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Has anyone gone through EMDR Therapy?

Right now I'm preparing to go through EMDR therapy.

I'm working with my counselor right now to get me ready for it... Make sure I have a "safe place" to go to and going into my memories alittle deeper... To make sure I'm ready to start the EMDR.

I've decided that I'm ready and that it's time to move on.

I'm kind of nervous about it though.
I'm wondering if anyone on here might have ...
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How can I move through these feelings for my therapist?

I've been going to T for about two years now. She is an experienced older woman who is caring, kind and very professional.I have always been conscious of the client-therapist relationship and I am very aware of professional boundaries and that I am paying for a someone to listen to me. It has taking me quite a long time to fully trust her and let her in. Whilst I've always gotten on well with her ...
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Not getting on with DIT therapist *possible TW*

I live in the UK, and after completing a course of online CBT (which proved to be somewhat effective, but only with my social anxiety), I was then referred to dynamic interpersonal therapy, which deals with recurrent, repetitive patterns in your relationships, how this relates to your depression, and how to make changes in order to improve your current relationships in the here and the now and alleviate symptoms of depression.

This is usually over ...
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