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A question about support groups

Thanks in advance to any and all who can help me with some information. I am hoping to find some support groups where I can go to meetings and talk to others that are dealing with similiar mental illness issues as me. I attend 12 step meetings for addictiion and was wondering if there are similar meetings for mental illness. I live in a large city (Atlanta, Ga) but have no idea where to ...
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Reviews from my therapy / psychologist, updated every Friday

I had to fill in 2 forms, both scales on my moods and from that he compared to the usual results of whoever, mine came out in the severe depression range but my anxiety and stress were normal, he will do this same test or a slight variation of it every Friday when I see him.

It went really well I feel like I can talk to him about everything.

I've told him about the ...
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Group Therapy Question

Hi all,

I was at a loss to find the appropriate forum for this post, so I'm hoping this is ok.

I've recently started group therapy, not so much out of choice but in terms of it being the only available therapy in my area.

Well, second week in and it seems that already the group dynamic has brought something to light for me. Not to bore you all, but I've noticed a recurrent theme ...
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I went to my appointment and he said ...

I have depressive symptoms and signs of a mood disorder.

I will be starting therapy sessions as of next Friday for 6 weeks, once a week, it wont cost me anything and I don't have to look for work from now until the beginning of January.
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How can I get Ritalin and Xanax?

Hi everyone. I have problems with ADD and social anxiety. I procrastinate alot and can't get anything done. When I'm around people it makes me oh so nervous. I know some people who have let me try Xanax and Ritalin and it works great! I was wondering what I could say to exaggerate to be able to get this. Thanks.
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I have an appointment next Friday

For a job capacity assessment because I told my job network people today about my breakdown at work and said that I think that will be a factor in the future that my work might be interrupted by.

On the assessment she sent to them as to why I'm going said about my self esteem and motivation issues.

It was all my idea because I want to work but have no motivation to and am ...
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I might need a therapist

I'm a 21 year old male, and I have some admittedly very mild issues I'm having trouble coping with. I've had issues with depression since I was 16, I sometimes cut or burn myself to feel better, and I also get anxious for no reason sometimes, but especially so at large social gatherings. Sometimes a nervous twitch where my head jerks to the side starts and I know i look very strange but I can't ...
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Seeing a Counselor for Anxiety

I've been thinking about seeing a counselor for my anxiety for a while now. But I get my bouts with anxiety about 4 times a year on average and by the time I get in for the appointment the bout is usually over with.

For example I'm having a bout now. I just moved to a new area which I was exctied about but have found that I really do not like my apartment at ...
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Ever been denied medical treatment

I'm not posting this poll to stir up trouble, but I'm really interested in how many people have had medical treatment denied to them with the doctors siting specific or vague psychological reasons. I'm concerned that the medical establishment may be dismissing the rights of patients with mild-to-moderate emotional/mental issues -non-dangerous, mostly rational people who are just having a hard time with things.

Also, if people are disabled or underemployed because of their MI and ...
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Therapy and transferrence issues etc etc.

I wondered how many people here are actively in therapy and what type? There doesn't seem to be a designated forum for it.
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