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Crying during therapy

I have recently started therapy for panic attacks and anxiety. The first 2 sessions were pretty relaxed, the therapist just had me talking about my life in general and I think she chose some pretty good questions to help get me started.

During the third session I was at bad place in my spectrum of anxiety, I'll save the details but basically I just lost it and could not stop crying for several minutes. It ...
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theorhetical, would it work? would you do it?

for this instance, lets say the disorders involved are fully psychologic
with either NO physical manifestations, or manifestations that are found to be negligable

now lets say theres a new therapy option available, lets say its a single pill
the caveat; total reset of the brain.
right down to leading to a 50% chance that you will need to relearn how to
walk, talk, read, count, etc
(how ever since the neuro pathways are already ...
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Obsessed over fictional characters

This may sound very ridiculous to some people and I'm not particularly sure if this is where I should go with this, but I'm so sick of these feelings I have. I enjoy good stories from books or games. Once in a while I'll find a good one and slowly find myself becoming obsessed with certain characters and the joy I get from interacting with them. For example, I've played 2 visual novels recently, Doki ...
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service dog for anxiety

I'm gonna ask about it on this forum because I tried on another one and I only recieved ridicule and hate. I'm 16, and I'm diagnosed with severe anxiety, clinical depression, severe ADHD, and OCD. I've been on a lot, and I mean a LOT, of different medication, but nothing seems to work. I spend most of my time in the house, mostly because I'm too anxious to leave. I do go to school, but ...
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trust issues...

I've been through so many therapists, and nothing seems to work. its not because of them though. I just feel like I can't trust them. we talk, of course, but only about simple things. waking into therapy only gives me more anxiety to be honest, and I always end up leaving feeling worse than when I arrived. I can never seem to really tell them what I'm feeling, and I only scratch the surface of ...
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So I've been out of therapy for practically five months.

Basically my insurance forced me to switch from my therapist that I worked well with and was making good progress with because my "therapy was going on too long" and they believe that "they can monitor me better within the clinic"

Naturally I was reluctant, but I cant afford therapy without insurance so I went with it. I even tried to work with female therapists which I was pretty sure wouldnt work and, I dont ...
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Should I tell my therapist I'm gay?

I'm pansexual to be more precise. We haven't seen each other that many times (3 or 4 sessions) but she's very kind and understanding. I feel like I want to tell her just to get it off my chest, but I don't know if it would be appropriate so early on or if it would just make things awkward. Worst of all, what if it makes her uncomfortable? I know it's weird, but I have ...
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New to therapy - how to tell my therapist what I need?


I recently decided to try therapy for the first time. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, breakdowns, procrastination, isolation, exhaustion, constant feelings of being overwhelmed. They are pretty much all related to a new job and I don't have the option of quitting (my entire family income, my housing, our whole future all relies on it so I have to make it work. It's a remote job so that's part of ...
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Help with Group Therapy

Goodmorning guys,

I recently got a job as a peer specialist and one of my functions is doing group therapy. My co-worker, also a peer specialist, has his own methods of doing groups. I, personally, like doing groups where we (the clients, I mean) talk and open up to each other. My co-worker also buys legitimate games, and since he doesn't really let me borrow them, I have to make up my own. Some games ...
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Therapy-Induced Anxiety?

I just began attending therapy for the first time ever a couple weeks ago, and right after the first meeting, I felt great! I felt like I had gotten so much accomplished, even in such a short period of time!

However, about a day later, I began obsessing over the things I said, whether I was clear enough when discussing feelings/symptoms I've had. I also remembered answers to questions she had asked me that were ...
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