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Hi Guys

I am new to this forum. I am an IT professional based in Africa. I love to travel to new places and explore the local culture but due to my job, I am not able to travel as much as I used to before.
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Primal Therapy

A friend recommended trying primal therapy in Santa Monica, CA. However, my current therapist and psychiatrist seem to think it's a laughable form of treatment that doesn't work. I was going to try it out to deal with PTSD symptoms related to BPD.

Anyone ever try this kind of therapy and what were the results? Is it too good to be true and just a non proven pseudoscience form of treatment?
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Help needed: Stress, sadness, and rumination

I’m new so I hope this is the right spot for this.
I want to start with three facts about me. I love my job (or at least what my job once was), I have an amazing spouce, and my family is incredibly supportive.
The reason I am here is that my job has become very difficult in the last year due to expansion efforts. Because of this and my higher administrative position it has ...
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Another failed relationship

Hi 50 yr old first time ever on a forum and am not sure I am in the right place?
I have done therapy on and off for many years ,and still seem to make the same mistakes over and over and dont know where to turn..brief run down 3 divorces multiple failed relationship low self asteem so on so ..just out of another failed one with a great women the worst part is I ...
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EMDR Stress

EMDR has stirred up a lot of stuff the longer I've gone through it. There's some good in it, but there's also a lot of stress and weird "side effects." Some times after some sessions, particularly when discussing certain aspects of the past. This last one, really kind of shut my brain off. I've had a migraine since Friday. I got that same sort of weird "pull" and haze the last time Max kind of ...
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Voluntarily commiting myself

I’ve experienced a major change in my life and have been very depressed and suicidal. I did cocaine because of it. Mind you I’m not and addict and haven’t done it since high school. Tomorrow in voluntarily commuting myself to a mental hospital. What will happen when they drug test me?
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Seems to get irritable when I don't agree with his narrative

Been seeing a therapist (psychoanalytic) in order to be assessed to get onto group therapy, he's been making narratives about how he thinks my behaviour patterns present, many of them are useful but often not based on much information. All well and good there's a dialectic between my truth and his as expected but last session i drew a line and told him no I disagreed with his narrative and he seemed to react pretty ...
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Disappointing the therapist

So I am in therapy since Jun. It all started with my relationship with my husband. We tried everything. Even couple seasons. My therapist thinks that my marriage is over and that I can not fall in love with my husband again . Today I told her that I know that I am not happy and that I will not fall in live with him again and she told me that she believed that I ...
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What is EMDR Therapy?

Can anyone help me with the details of EMDR Therapy as one of my friend will be going through this therapy and will this be helpful for him to recover fast?
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Therapy Isn't Working?

Hello, I suffer from anxiety and minor depression, as well as OCD. I also may or may not suffer from PTSD, I've never been officially diagnosed but I think I might have it because of a traumatic event in my past I'm not gonna go into right now. I've been attending therapy for years now, and don't get me wrong, I love my psychologist, she's really nice and she has helped somewhat I think but ...
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