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Has anyone tried ECT? I had it as one of my first treatments for depression and an eating disorder and although it helped at the time i had terrible memory loss and my mood plummeted as soon as it finished. I have seen it work wonders for others tho and was just wondering if anyone here has tried it?

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I recently did a 14 month intensive dbt inpatient course n I found it super helpful. Anyone else done dbt? x
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How to talk to a former therapist?

Long story short; Ever since before quarantine, I've been regressing to a state similar to one I had when I started therapy. Six years of progress are suddenly falling away and I've been dealing with old symptoms again along side newer ones.
I got out of therapy less than a year ago because I could cope well enough on my own. However, now I'm very scared of myself and I don't have anyone around me ...
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Getting the right therapy

Recently started talking with a therapist.

I originally went because I have extreme anger/violent behaviour and I really needed help with this as I was fearful of losing my job or worse.

I've always known that I hadn't had the best upbringing in the world and I sort of suspected that I came from an abusive family but my thoughts on the subject were always fleeting.

On talking to this therapist for just an hour ...
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Intrusive Sexual Thoughts and Schizophrenia Therapy?

I've had IST's before, but now they're back.

Every time I get on the toilet, and/or get in the shower, I end up thinking story ideas. I believe in REAL angels (and NO ONE can tell me otherwise, so don't try!) that say I'm sexually harassing people and can't use the story ideas if I made them up while naked.

I also can't stop thinking of sex while writing.

I've been writing down story ideas ...
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Neccesary struggles vs unhelpful struggles?

Hi everyone!

I thought we could all share about what kind of struggles is neccesary in order to heal.
I was inspired by another thread where someone talks about staying in therapy for too long because they throught "therapy is supposed to be hard".
But you rarely get to hear in what way it's supposed to be hard.

Would you mind sharing your helpful and unhelpful experiences?

I'll go first and talk about my expectations: ...
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What therapy assignments have you been given?

I want to know.

A counselor once recommended reading & working through the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I was working in a hostile environment embroiled in petty drama. It helped me shift my focus back to myself.

How about you?
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Is there anyone who underwent cognitive behaviour therapy?

I have an 18-year-old daughter. Since childhood, she was not interested in any parties or meetings where she had to face the crowd. We tried to change her behaviour through home remedies. But there was no improvement. When discussed the problems with my friends, they suggested consulting an anxiety therapy therapist.

Last day we consulted them and explained her problems. They asked her to undergo cognitive behaviour therapy. They said that cognitive behaviour therapy ...
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Is my therapist violating ethics? What should I do?

I’m very confused about this so I really wanted the community’s advice on how to handle it.

I’ve been undergoing therapy for a couple of years now. The reasons that initially drove me to seek therapy were insomnia and stress, although the former quickly disappeared when I started full-time work. My therapist told me from the start that I do not have any “clinical” issue, but we still continued the therapy to explore my relationship ...
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Am I in need of mental help or therapy?

I am facing a hard situation which dates back to early childhood. In summary there were marriage problems between my parents and due to cultural aspect, divorce was out of question. My mother used the approach of building or planting hate between the children and my father. After my father passed away, my interaction with my mother became closer and I discovered the truth that my father did what was best for the children and ...
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