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Therapy after pet abuse/loss

Hi, this is Ninas

I am wondering if anyone has information on therapy for people who have lost pets and/or experienced trauma due to being witness to animal abuse/cruelty as a child... website, therapist, organization? Any info will be much appreciated. Thank you....Ninas
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Ethics question

A mental health counselor has been assigned a patient who is a minor and the first session the MHC only meets with the patient's mother (to complete consent forms, comprehensive assessment etc). After the 1st session the patient's mother says that they would like their child to be transferred to a different clinician due to their child's preference to work with a female clinician. The patient is then transferred to a female clinician.

Being that ...
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Stupid Therapist

My most recent and former psychotherapist thought my parents were abusive to me when I was younger. She could not be further from the truth. While I did get punished for doing something wrong when I was younger, the punishment was always directly proportional to my wrongdoing. And my parents were always fair to me. I cannot believe my former therapist thought they abused me. She is wrong.
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"Snapping out of" Psychosis

I know I am probably being rhetorical, but is it possible to "snap" out of one's psychosis? I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Psychosis for fifteen years. And I cannot help but feel like I am unbearable to be around, particularly around people who are trying to help me. It feels like they want me to just snap out of my psychosis already. My experiences with social workers are ostensive to this. An example would be ...
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Therapy ending after 8 years

My therapist of 8 years told me a few months ago that she is terminating my therapy. This broke my heart. She has helped me so much and now I feel that I am falling. I don't know how I will function without her in my life.

There are so many things I have not told her, because I was scared to tell and she never asked. I have never told her that I am ...
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Is this ghosting?

I feel my therapist is so shady .For the Last two months He started to act in a More Judging way.He asked me questions that will make me offended.Like telling jokes about my Laziness,Telling jokes about my Activities .He told me I can write a Novel with the Thoughts I had in my diary.He also said therapy doesn't continue if I donot be punctual or obedient.So I decided to be punctual and He told me ...
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My psycologist forcing me to take online therapy

I don't knoe why but he kept on saying that he is /may not be available to face-to-face counseling and telling me online therapy is available..I already said him I have no effect in online therapy.Also in the last session I decided to write my feelings in some random worksheets and shown itto him.he said that it's foolishness to workout such things as it will waste my time.and try not at all focusing the problem..like ...
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Always drawn to this comfortable motivational speaker

I had serious mental issues that were so deep and need intense amount of some intervention by a Psycologist who was trained in treating disorders.And those who were trained in abnormal psychology.But my issue is that I got hooked up wit this one therapist whose an occupational therapist and what I lol about him was his rather ignorant approach to his clients.Like he's just calls his clients friendly names and see them as people having ...
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I need to snap out of my insanity

When will I snap out of my insanity? I have been taking my medications everyday as prescribed. And yet I am still psychotic. I have tried individual psychotherapy/counseling, but seemingly to no avail. It seemed like my past counselors/therapists thought I was a hopeless case. I have also tried group therapy, but it did not seem to help, either. I could not relate to anyone in the group therapy, even people with Schizoaffective Disorder. I ...
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Has anyone tried ECT? I had it as one of my first treatments for depression and an eating disorder and although it helped at the time i had terrible memory loss and my mood plummeted as soon as it finished. I have seen it work wonders for others tho and was just wondering if anyone here has tried it?

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