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State of Emergency

Addiction is a funny thing. One moment you feel that you have got it under control and suddenly one day it comes back. Just for today is all you have.

I've got to just get through today, that's all I can concern myself with right now. Calls from my sponsor on the hour. If I can get through today...
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Mile stone of sorts

Today I am 8 months clean from my DOC. Today also marks the day that I overdosed which led to being sectioned in a lock down facility.

Someone in my fellowship who was in the same lock down facility mentioned how different I am today to what I was. I initially rejected what he said because I still feel like the same POS that I was when I was locked in. Looking back though, I ...
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Weed Addiction

I am just wondering if there is anyone addicted to Marijuana, is it even addictive? I am finding I use it more and more lately and I am scared that I am becoming addicted to it. Without it I can not fall asleep, my mind races and I can not settle. Am I becoming an addict? If so I will get help but I want to know if anyone has had this experience.
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What is the waiting list generally like for detox?

I need help with my pot addiction. I have tried to withdrawal at home multiple times with no luck. Before I go and see a cousnellour to see if they can get me into detox I guess I just wanted to know approximately how long I’ll have to wait because if I have to see a counsellor for 6 months before I get in I don’t really think it’s woryh it
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Alcohol Addiction ruining us

Ever since my partner started the night shift, he started drinking every night (maybe to cope with tiredness). However, it's slowly becoming an addiction. He's not being his normal self and it's ruining our relationship. What do I do with this? Do I bring him to a counselor as soon as possible? Or do I have to talk to him first? Thank you!
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What do to do about my pot addiction?

Ok, so I have DID which makes things very complicated but regardless at this point I think pretty much every part of me loves pot in some way shape or form and I can no longer even go more than 2 days straight without it.

Anyway, it's a huge problem. I lost a really good friend, other friends are on my case, I have to hide it from my family, and plenty of other reasons ...
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New here

Well, I guess that I'm qualified to post on multiple forums. I have had alcohol issues all of my adult life. I don't drink everyday, and actually drink less than I used to, but I know that it aggravates my anxiety and depression,often to the point that I am nearly suicidal. I lost my best friend of forty years to suicide this year. He didn't have substance issues, though the best way to honor his ...
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Voluntarily commmiting myself

I’ve experienced a major change in my life and have been very depressed and suicidal. I did cocaine because of it. Mind you I’m not and addict and haven’t done it since high school. Tomorrow in voluntarily commuting myself to a mental hospital. What will happen when they drug test me?
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Ongoing issues with alcohol


I am wondering if anyone can help. A relative of mine has alcohol problems. The ongoing problems has led to liver problems. Over the past 6 months, they have been admitted to hospital around 4 times (with stomach problems etc).

They are not actively seeking help and when we speak to them, they are oblivious to what we are saying and seem to have a blank expression on their face (as though they are ...
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Alternatives for Stimulant medication addiction

I used to be addicted to stimulant medication i took for ADHD. I took Ritalin for 4 years through my education, and believe I became heavily addicted. I had to stop taking it because I got sick and now I cannot get access to it as it may trigger mania or is liable to abuse. I display ADHD symptoms and was diagnosed with it originally before it was updated to Bipolar. I still believe I ...
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